Health Benefits

Health Benefits

The Natural Benefits of Tea Over Coffee

It’s 6:40 a.m., and you muster the strength to reach your arm out of bed and hit the snooze button on your phone one last time. You trudge down the steps, yawn for the fifteenth time and meander your way to your coffee machine to kick-start your morning. There’s no better way to begin your day than with the soothing flavor and “pick-me-up” effect of a nice, warm cup of coffee, right? Well, maybe not.

A Guide To Vegan Coffee Creamers

If you’re a vegan, you don’t have to settle when it comes to your coffee. Vegan creamers are available in many stores, and they allow you to sweeten up your morning brew without the added dairy. Just dab a little sugar or vegan creamer into your coffee after choosing the flavor that best suits you, and you’re on your way to a great day.

Negotiating the Pros and Cons of Caffeine Consumption

Whether you have an occasional cup of green tea or you’re a coffee lover from morning until night, you probably think occasionally about the caffeine you’re consuming. Is it helping or hurting you? Are you relying too heavily on this substance to keep you awake so you can achieve your goals? Or is it a harmless addition to your diet?

7 Realistic New Year Resolutions You Should Actually Fulfill

Lose weight. Drink less. Read more. If you’re tired of failing at your top New Years resolutions year after year, it’s time to get real. Try setting goals for the new year that are more realistic instead, and you might be surprised at the results. Here are seven New Year’s resolution ideas.

What Are the Health Benefits of Coconut Water?

There are many health benefits of drinking coconut water. Coconut water, the liquid inside young green coconuts, has been consumed throughout the world for centuries. Today, experts often tout coconut water as a health drink and as a replacement for sports beverages that replenish electrolytes. With its high quantity of potassium and low fat content, coconut water is both good for you and good for your waistline.

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