The Many Benefits of Lemonade

Lemons are actually considered a superfood and contain plenty of health benefits and even topical uses. Since lemonade is essentially lemon juice combined with water and some sugar, it is an easy way to get a healthy dose of lemon.

Passion Fruit Origin & Top 5 Nutritional Facts

Did you know that Brazil accounts for over 50% of the world’s total production and consumption of passion fruit? Brazilians absolutely love the fruit and consume it largely in the form of fruit drinks. Even the country’s national cocktail- Caipirinha is often prepared with passion fruit instead of lime.

Staying Heart Healthy: Benefits of Pomegranate Juice

Creating solid hydration habits is essential for your well-being. Staying hydrated is not a fancy whim but an essential requirement towards maintaining a positive mood, increasing your brain function, and enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Cool Beverage Packaging Designs

Sure, we all want our drinks to taste great, but let’s be honest — it’s even better if their packaging looks great too! And beverage manufacturers know that, which is why many are continuing to come up with creative drink package designs to encase their refreshing, lip-smacking drinks.

Brands That Give Back

Giving back to the community is an essential part of running a successful business. The more wealth and goodwill a company invests in its community, the more appreciation and business they can expect from the community. This in turn leads to higher sales, a better social presence and — most importantly — a healthier world.

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