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Best Beverages to Celebrate the Kentucky Derby

May 6 is Derby Day this year, so if you’re planning on hosting a party to honor this equine tradition, we have all the fixings you need to make great drinks. We’re sure the ladies will be donning their wide-brimmed Southern Belle hats, and the guys will be sporting sharp suits with bow ties.

Romantic Drinks Throughout History

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you may be looking ahead to some romantic cocktails to set the mood. We thought we would take this opportunity to take a look through history at the most romantic drinks.

15 Great Ways to Pair No and Low Alcohol Wine and Vegan Food

Good food and wine have long been one of the most popular pairings. But for those who don’t partake in the consumption of alcohol or animal products, it can be tricky to navigate. Fortunately, as awareness around these important lifestyle choices grows, a wide variety of alternatives are being developed.

What’s in the Well-Stocked Holiday Pantry?

With the holidays coming up quick and a party or two scheduled for you to host, now’s the time to start thinking about the beverages you’ll be offering your guests. Since some party goers will be underage or choose not to drink alcohol, you’ll have to have a nice balance of booze-free and booze-filled beverages for people to partake in. You can get the festivities going with a well-stocked holiday pantry from Beverage Universe. Here are some good choices to have on hand.

We Can All Celebrate the Holidays With Non-Alcoholic Wine

What’s a holiday without a toast among friends? Get out the wine glasses and cheers to the upcoming festivities! But if you’re not a wine drinker or just don’t want the alcohol content, why not try non-alcoholic wine? It’s the perfect beverage to bring everyone together. Even teens can get in on the toasting fun with a glass of non-alcoholic wine.

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