Non Alcoholic Wine

Non Alcoholic Wine

Top 9 health benefits of Drinking Non Alcoholic Wine

Wine has been an object of adoration and worship since ancient times. And there’s a lot to love about wine: its tempting aroma, the warm and tingling sensation of each sip, its full-bodied and exciting taste.

Vegan Passover Recipes

It’s hard to believe that we are coming full circle to another year in a pandemic. This also means we are ready to salute at another Passover Seder. Passover is one of the most celebrated Jewish Holidays and takes place in the springtime each year.  It lasts seven days and is also associated with the feast of the unleavened, where members of the household will not own or consume products containing leaven during this time. 

Cool Beverage Packaging Designs

Sure, we all want our drinks to taste great, but let’s be honest — it’s even better if their packaging looks great too! And beverage manufacturers know that, which is why many are continuing to come up with creative drink package designs to encase their refreshing, lip-smacking drinks.

Food and Drinks That Get Better With Age

You already know wine gets better with age, but did you know leftover food recipes can be even more delicious than their original incarnations? Here’s what to with leftover food — or any food or drink that tastes better the longer you let it age.

Mulled Wine Recipe

In cold weather, we find ourselves turning to warmer beverages to keep us toasty warm. Chocolate lovers enjoy hot chocolate, apple lovers drink hot apple cider, and hot tea and coffee are always popular as well. But what about wine lovers? Are they supposed to suffer through the cold with chilled bottles of white or lukewarm bottles of red? Absolutely not! In the chill of fall and winter, wine lovers turn to mulled cider wine to keep them warm.

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