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The Hippest Spring Drink Trends to Revive Your Vibe

Drop your winter funk and just get funky. March sparks the time to start thinking and feeling afresh. You can sit, dance, chill, or frolic over to these drink trends. It’s time to revive your vibe. Beverage Universe has all the hippest drink ideas to warm you up to a hot summer.

5 St. Patrick's Day Drinks to Get You Lucky

The irony of luck. Alas, something we just can’t spot anywhere but can’t get enough of. In Thailand, they wear red for luck on Sunday but never on Monday. If you rock an empty chair in Cuba, death is near. As the clock strikes 12pm in Spain on New Year’s Eve, eating twelve grapes will usher in a year full of luck. For Irish fishermen, it’s unlucky to whistle at sea unless you “whistle up a storm.”

One Tea Nation: Touring the World's Favorite Beverage

Ah, tea. Nothing like a cup of tea to start and end the day or recharge in between. Richard Branson loves it so much he drinks twenty cups a day.

Favorite Drinks of the Presidents

From George Washington to Donald Trump, nearly all American presidents had a favorite beverage. FDR was famous for his cocktails, James Buchanan his Madeira and sherry, and George W. Bush imbibed enough in his youth to “retire” from drinking before entering office. We’re exploring some of the presidents’ favorite drinks for Presidents’ Day, so grab a seat, listen up, and act, at least, slightly presidential. We’re going to need a deep glass to lead the league, and Beverage Universe has all the right gear to fill it.

Beverage Universe Variety Packs

What’s better than a tasty drink but a variety pack of tasty drinks? Beverage Universe has variety packs that suit all palettes, gatherings, and beverage-calling situations. Enter our variety universe and experience a host of beverages packed with liquid pleasure.

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