3 Fun Ways to Upcycle Your Water Bottles and Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is all about showing our respect to our planet and celebrating our love for nature. The holiday capitalizes on promoting environmental awareness and making a positive change towards protecting the Earth from reckless negative human impact.

Five Types of Tea and Their Health Benefits

Are you looking for a healthy alternative to coffee for your morning pick-me-up? If so, you should become familiar with tea. Many different kinds of teas have caffeine in them, just like coffee does. But while that’s the case, there are also lots of teas that don’t have caffeine in them. In fact, some teas are specifically crafted to lull you to sleep.

Cocktails and Mocktails to Celebrate the End of Tax Season

Cheers to the unofficial end of tax season! Even though tax season was extended this year we still want to give you the tools to celebrate the end of another tax season. 2020 was a rollercoaster of a year and there is no better way to officially say goodbye than filing your taxes and pouring yourself a satisfying cocktail or mocktail. The weather is finally beginning to warm up so it’s the perfect time to mix up a beverage, head outdoors, and take a well-deserved break. There are a variety of beverage recipes for any time of day that you can enjoy with friends and family to make the year ahead seem a little brighter.

7 Best Non-Alcoholic Beers of All Time: Keep The Party Going All Day Long With A Variety of Flavor

The parties might be revving up but that doesn’t mean you need to get back into the groove just to have hangovers slow you down. Enjoy it with your afternoon lunch on the deck or at your neighbor’s backyard BBQ. We're ranking some of our favorite non-alcoholic beers of all time so you can find your favorite variety to enjoy the flavor without worrying about the drive home.

The Benefits of Drinking Glass Bottled Water

Not too long ago, everything focused around convenience. Microwaved meals were flying off the shelves. Individually packaged snacks filled lunchboxes. Bottled water became a multibillion-dollar industry.

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