Health Benefits

Health Benefits

The Power of Adaptogenic Mushrooms

Adaptogens help us react and adapt to internal and external stressors, creating balance and stability for both the body and mind.

The Luxurious Olympics of Awarded Bottled Waters Brands from around the World

When you think about the Olympics, Berkley Springs, West Virginia, doesn’t normally come to mind. Now in its 30th year, the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition is a well known event for Water Sommeliers, Bottled Water Brands and Bottled Water enthusiasts from around the globe.

Passion Fruit Origin & Top 5 Nutritional Facts

Did you know that Brazil accounts for over 50% of the world’s total production and consumption of passion fruit?Brazilians absolutely love the fruit and consume it largely in the form of fruit drinks. Even the country’s national cocktail- Caipirinha is often prepared with passion fruit instead of lime.

Comparison of Coconut Waters: Which Brands Are the Healthiest?

Since coconut water started being commercially produced in 2004, the beverage has gained tremendous popularity as a tasty drink that’s highly effective at rehydrating the body.

The Natural Benefits of Tea Over Coffee

It’s 6:40 a.m., and you muster the strength to reach your arm out of bed and hit the snooze button on your phone one last time. You trudge down the steps, yawn for the fifteenth time and meander your way to your coffee machine to kick-start your morning. There’s no better way to begin your day than with the soothing flavor and “pick-me-up” effect of a nice, warm cup of coffee, right? Well, maybe not.

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