The Top 5 Best Tasting Waters

The Top 5 Best Tasting Waters

The Top 5 Best Tasting Waters

Are you done drinking tap water, opting for a healthier alternative? Beverage Universe has the answer with the best selection of waters you can find. Making positive changes for your physical health can be as easy as starting with the right water. Dive deep into the bottled water world with our condensed, yet highly informational Top 5 Best Water to Drink Review.

5. Smart Water 

Smart Water is bottled still water that is further enriched with electrolytes. The impressive thing about this water brand is that it uses vapor distillation thus eliminating all possible impurities from the final water product.  Its enriched formula is perfect for active people, constantly on the move, or even exercising. Smart Water provides a mineral boost that takes care of your inner body balance.

4. Mountain Valley

“Back to the source,” says the Mountain Valley’s motto, and when you take a sip from this bottled water you’d know what they mean. Mountain Valley water has a 150-year history. It has been enjoyed by generations of Americans thus obviously ranks as number 4 in our Best Tasting Bottled Waters list. 

Mountain Valley is spring water,  sourced from the  Ouachita Mountains, USA. It comes in a fine glass bottle that preserves it’s naturally balanced pH.  Mountain Valley water is rich in minerals, distinctive in taste, and a perfect choice if you wish to savor it daily. Mountain Valley is a mineral water that you definitely want to try. You can also check out our huge selection of Premium Waters

3. Fiji 

Third, on our list is Fiji bottled water. It is an exquisite beverage, sourced from an ancient aquifer on the Fiji island.  This bottled water is fresh, rich in minerals, and has a smooth and soft taste.  

An interesting thing to keep in mind is that the Fiji bottled water brand supports the fair and sustainable sourcing of their water thus improving the lives of local Fijians. 

2. Voss 

The runner-up in our top bottled waters list is Voss bottled water.  It comes from an aquifer deep beneath the earth. This Norwegian bottled water is naturally filtered and unexposed to air and human contamination. Its taste is soft and refreshing, easily making this Scandinavian bottled water a top contestant in our top 5 bottled water brand lineup.


1. Evian 


Evian is our number one choice - the top tasting bottled water of our time! It is sourced in the Évian-les-Bains town in France and it delivers a mesmerizing experience that’s hard to forget. Evian bottled water has a natural taste that will make you feel ready to conquer your day in style. 

Refreshing and with no extras added, Evian stands up to the original review of its discoverer, Marquis de Lessert: “light and easily drinkable”. 

Our top 5 bottled water brands offer a pure and refreshing taste. They are all packed and ready to quench your thirst. Give them a try, have your pick and see if your list of top tasting water brands matches ours! As always, visit Beverage Universe for our world-class selection of the best waters you can buy.

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