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It’s the BIG Game Giveaway! - Beverage Universe, Stewart’s, and CakeBites Join Forces

Beverage Universe is coming through again for the Big Game, partnering with Stewart’s and CakeBites to bring you a giant giveaway fit for gridiron celebrations. This year’s Game is set for February 2 at 6:30pm on Fox, and giveaway winners will be chosen on January 30—just in time to gather your bounty to share (or not) during the Game.

Beverage Universe’s Italian vs. French Sparkling Waters

Italy and France have been long-term rivals in art, culture, natural beauty, and food and wine for centuries. France is famous for fancy degustations; Italy their scampagnata. Italy flaunts Versace and Valentino; France struts Chanel and Dior. France hosts with the suaveness of Paris; Italy the treasures of Rome. Italy pours Chianti; France its Bordeaux. Then there’s football, but we won’t get into that.

Favorite Drinks of the Stars - Part 3

There’s something unique about the stars that make them stand out. Something about their seductive smiles, flaming spirits, the sexiness of how they walk, eat, and drink. Of course, what stars put into their bodies is essential to how they feed their stardom. We’re back in our series, Favorite Drinks of the Stars, with two bomb individuals that just crush it in their fields.

Bev U’s Cocktail Gift Sets - Part 2

So you’re having your people over for the holidays. They kiss you hello and head straight for the bar, ready to lift the holiday cheer. Surely they’ve noticed your sexy mixers from Beverage Universe. Mix them up a holiday cocktail then send them off with a cocktail gift set. You can keep the spirit alive and lasting with these festive bar essentials from some of our favorite brands.

Favorite Drinks of the Stars - Part 2

What would happen if we married two of your favorite stars in one blog via their favorite drinks? We’d have a celebrity party, of course, or at least we’d be getting a little closer to the stars. We’ve always wondered how Ariana Grande keeps that magical shape and how Leonardo DiCaprio maintains that super classic way about him.

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