What Are the Health Benefits of Coconut Water?

There are many health benefits of drinking coconut water. Coconut water, the liquid inside young green coconuts, has been consumed throughout the world for centuries. Today, experts often tout coconut water as a health drink and as a replacement for sports beverages that replenish electrolytes. With its high quantity of potassium and low fat content, coconut water is both good for you and good for your waistline.

Mulled Wine Recipe

In cold weather, we find ourselves turning to warmer beverages to keep us toasty warm. Chocolate lovers enjoy hot chocolate, apple lovers drink hot apple cider, and hot tea and coffee are always popular as well. But what about wine lovers? Are they supposed to suffer through the cold with chilled bottles of white or lukewarm bottles of red? Absolutely not! In the chill of fall and winter, wine lovers turn to mulled cider wine to keep them warm.

Other Ways to Use Apples

It’s autumn, and that means apples are in abundance. Cold apple cider refreshes you on a warm autumn day, while hot apple cider keeps you toasty warm on chilly evening hayrides. And let’s not forget about the delicious apple pies for sale at every grocery store, bakery and coffee shop this time of year. Don’t forget there are plenty of other ways to use apples this fall season!

Smoothie Bowls

You’ve tried the traditional smoothie, but have you tasted a smoothie bowl? If you haven’t, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon because you’re definitely missing out on a breakfast treat. If you think breakfast isn’t for you, wait until your taste buds try a smoothie bowl. You’ll be a breakfast conformist in no time.

6 Homemade Popsicles You Should Try

Want your family to love you even more than they do now? Make these to-die-for homemade Popsicles this summer using our awesome Beverage Universe products. All you need is a couple of cupcake pans, Popsicle sticks and aluminum foil. Fill each cupcake hole with your liquid, cover with aluminum foil and carefully insert Popsicle sticks through foil into each hole. You can substitute plastic wrap for foil, but you’ll have to make sure it is stretched tight enough to hold the sticks in place.

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