Ring in the New Year with These 5 NYE Cocktails

Ring in the New Year with These 5 NYE Cocktails

Mixing a signature cocktail is a terrific way to make any party a special event, but if you’re hosting New Year’s Eve, it’s an absolute must. Explore our list of the best New Year’s Eve cocktails, and let the good times roll!

Champagne Cocktail

Champagne is one of the ultimate New Year’s Eve drinks, but it can also be mind-numbingly expensive. Give all the flash with less cash and mix a sparkling white wine cocktail instead. There are hundreds of options, but for something easy and different, pour brandy and Grand Marnier into a flute. Top with your favorite dry bubbly, and enjoy.


What better choice for mixed drinks on New Year’s Eve than the classically elegant Manhattan? Stir whiskey, vermouth and bitters together with ice. Add a twist or a maraschino cherry. Don’t shake — stir instead.

Dark and Stormy

Celebrate a dark and stormy night with a Dark and Stormy adult beverage. This easy-to-make drink requires Gosling’s ginger beer, Gosling’s rum and a lime wedge. Don’t use light, golden or spiced rum, or it won’t taste the same.


When you need drinks for a New Year’s Eve party, bring the taste of New Orleans home with the Sazerac, the classic adult beverage you can make hours ahead of time. This is a major plus when you don’t want to stand behind the bar all night, you don’t trust your buddies to keep things clean, and you’re not hiring help. Requiring only whiskey, absinthe (fun bonus!), bitters and lemon twists, this can be made in the morning to let it get very, very cold all day in the fridge.

Virgin Bloody Mary

Have one too many drinks for New Year’s Eve and you’ll likely be wishing you stopped after Auld Lang Syne. If you’re not heading to Blue Water Grill or Balthazar for brunch, make a pitcher of virgin bloody Marys ahead of time and prep your bedside with plenty of cool water. Try this version from the Noble Pig — skip the vodka and save your liver some trouble — and relax with the morning paper.

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