Gatorade: The Best Hangover Cure

Gatorade: The Best Hangover Cure

You wake up a bit confused. You’re not quite sure if you want to go back to bed, hug the toilet for the next hour or down a gallon of water. So perhaps you had a little too much to drink last night. Maybe it’s not your first rodeo, or perhaps this is your first time drinking in excess.

In either case, it doesn’t take you long to realize a hangover is not the best way to start off the day. Your first thought is to chug a glass of water and sleep your morning into the next day, right? Well, not so fast — we’ve got a better cure. With a bottle of Gatorade by your bedside, you’ll be back to your pre-hangover self in no time.

A Drink Designed to Replenish You

Did you know Gatorade was made for situations like this? Well, sort of. Scientists designed Gatorade in response to a head coach’s needs to replenish his football team in a manner that water couldn’t. While water certainly hydrates you, it fails to restore electrolytes and other elements your body loses as it sweats.

What makes Gatorade the best hangover cure drink is that is holds all of the ingredients necessary to replenish your body after it’s exhausted — whether this means working out or simply drinking too much.

How It Works

When you work out, sweat or dehydrate yourself — which is usually the case with a hangover — your body is not nourished enough to properly replenish and generate new strength and energy. Sports drinks such as Powerade and Gatorade replace necessary nutrients your body may have lost.

When you first wake up from a hangover, you may feel irritable and weak, and you might experience a pounding headache. These are caused by the usual hangover effects of low blood sugar and dehydration. Sports drinks such as Gatorade bring your body back to normal by ridding you of these nasty side-effects. How exactly? While water contains a simple solution of H2O, Gatorade is composed of sugars, salts and vitamins — the cure to a hangover packed in a drink.

Electrolytes to the Rescue

If you find yourself using the bathroom a little more than usual on a night of drinking, it’s no coincidence. Alcohol’s diuretic levels are significantly large. In a nutshell, this means the body eliminates considerably higher levels of fluid. For you, this means quicker dehydration.

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