15 Great Ways to Pair No and Low Alcohol Wine and Vegan Food

15 Great Ways to Pair No and Low Alcohol Wine and Vegan Food

Good food and wine have long been one of the most popular pairings. But for those who don’t partake in the consumption of alcohol or animal products, it can be tricky to navigate. Fortunately, as awareness around these important lifestyle choices grows, a wide variety of alternatives are being developed.

From a historical perspective, wine has almost exclusively been paired with meat and dairy products. However, there are now plenty of low and no alcohol wines readily available, as well as an extensive variety of delicious vegan foods—all of which can produce a variety of fantastic flavor pairings.

In this post, we’ll look at fifteen incredible vegan foods to pair with no and low alcohol wines so that people of every dietary, health, and lifestyle choice can experience the joy of food and wine—moving from light whites to juicy reds.

  1. Sautéed asparagus with sparkling lemon water

Asparagus is a delicious, summery vegetable with a mild, buttery flavor.

Steamed and sautéed in some olive oil with a little sea salt creates a lovely, tender green stem that pairs perfectly with a light, bright fizzy lemon water. Serve the water chilled and the asparagus fresh for a delightful and impressive vegan-friendly side dish.

  1. Basil pesto pasta with NA Chardonnay

Part of what makes basil pesto so great is its extreme flexibility. Toss it through some warm pasta, add it as a topping on vegan pizza, or simply go straight into the bowl with some potato wedges. Just don’t forget to serve it with a chilled glass of VINADA, a glamorous NA chardonnay.

  1. Cilantro salad with orange juice

Due to its unusual flavor, cilantro is a somewhat controversial herb. But the mild bitterness and zesty-ness can be perfectly offset with some acidic orange juice or orange soda. Serve in a salad, as a garnish on a bigger platter, or pound it into a unique pesto.

  1. Marinated artichokes with Sparkling NA White Wine

Artichoke hearts are full of natural sweetness and flavor. But when marinated in brine, their buttery texture and slight bitterness really shines. You can eat them as a vegan pizza topping, in a pasta, or as is. Artichokes and a big glass of Sparkling Amazing Arién Gold VINADA make the perfect combination as they balance out the sweet and the bitter in the most sublime way.

  1. Creamy pea risotto with crisp mineral water

Turn any summer risotto recipe vegan by using plant-based butter and milk to add richness. Add a handful of fresh (or frozen) garden peas right at the end. The result will be a creamy pea risotto dish simply begging to be washed down with a glass of crisp and refreshing mineral water.

  1. Vegetable sushi with non-alcoholic white wine

The mildness of sushi rice, the umami-ness of the nori, and the fresh crunch of raw vegetables make vegetable sushi a great companion to acidic white wine. Because white wine is usually paired with seafood, the oceanic flavor of the seaweed creates a flavor fiesta on your palette.

  1. Avocado salsa with tomato juice

Avocado is smooth, rich, and creamy which makes it perfect for adding to fresh, zesty salsa or turning into guacamole. Serve your avocados as you will, but make sure to incorporate plenty of lemons. Tomato juice will add freshness to the natural fat of the avo and balance the flavors perfectly.

  1. Poached peaches with low alcohol white wine

Low or no alcohol white wine makes a great accompaniment to many plant-based desserts. But poached fruits such as peaches, pears, or apricots pair with them particularly well.

Enjoy the sweet, tartness of the fruit alongside a light, acidic white wine and add a dollop of whipped-up vanilla coconut cream for a soft swirl of extra goodness.

  1. Ripe tomatoes and non-alcoholic rosé

Tomatoes and red wine are a classic combination for a reason, and tomatoes and Tingling Tempranillo Rosé are just as good—or even better. The sweet acidity of tomato complements the dry yet chartacteristically fruity taste of rosé, making these two a perfect pair no matter what the dish may be.

  1. Dark chocolate and Starla

Another iconic duo that can’t be left off this list. There is a wide variety of delicious dark vegan chocolates available, pretty much all of which can be enjoyed with a hearty glass of Starla no alcohol red wine. A perfect after-dinner (or anytime) treat that’s packed with antioxidants like resveratrol.

  1. Grilled aubergine and root beer

When cooked properly, aubergine has an incredible melty, meat-like texture that pairs very well with the sweetness of root beer. Grill it over a fire or in a hot oven for aubergine steaks or Lebanese baba ghanoush and serve with a glass of the sweet stuff.

  1. Roasted vegetables with Coke or Pepsi

Charred, roasted veggies pair beautifully with Coke or Pepsi. Meaty brown mushrooms, courgettes, sweet potatoes, whole garlic cloves, and beetroot are perfectly complemented by the sweet and fizzy contrast of these sodas.

  1. Teriyaki noodles with Fiji Water

Spicy, sweet teriyaki sauce is another flavor-packed sauce that is bold and brilliant all on its own. When served with a top quality bottled water like Fiji there’s no competition for flavor, just a sensation of contrasting coolness after every bite. Toss through some vegan noodles and sesame seeds, and you’ve got a very balanced meal.

  1. BBQ jackfruit and Starla alcohol removed red wine

The sweet, smoky flavors of BBQ have made it a popular accompaniment to red wine throughout history. Flakey, umami-rich jackfruit has the perfect tang for BBQ sauce and can be enjoyed on a vegan sloppy joe, in a bao bun, or in a vegan taco.

  1. Olives and Ruby Cabernet and Barbera grape NA red wine

Salty, plump Kalamata olives and fruity, full-bodied alcohol-removed red wine like Starla’s Ruby Cabernet and Barbera grape blend is a match made in heaven. You can serve the olives as they are for a pre-meal snack, toss them into a Greek salad, or gently sautéed with some garlic and tomato passata for an umami pasta dish.

Whether you are vegan, alcohol-free, or both, there are thousands of food and wine combinations you can try that are every bit as delicious as their alternatives.

As both the vegan and low-to-no-alcohol community grow larger on an international scale, consuming alcohol-free wine or swapping the boozy beverage for water, soda or juice is only getting easier and more accessible. But after taking a look at these delicious meal pairing options, it’s easy to understand why!

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