5 Delicious Sodas That Go with All of Your BBQ Food

Summer is here and that means BBQ food! What’s better than throwing burgers and dogs on the grill on a hot summer day with an ice cold glass of soda? There are so many different kinds of sodas out there, so Beverage Universe is going to share some of their favorites that complement that BBQ sauce.

Best Soda Combinations

Since it hit the market in 2009, the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine has successfully redefined what it means to enjoy a fountain beverage. A Coca-Cola Freestyle beverage dispenser allows thirsty patrons to create their own drink concoctions by mixing the sparking and still drinks it offers.

Regular Soda vs Diet Soda. Which One to Choose?

Are you a soda aficionado? Well, who isn’t right! Even if you are trying to maintain a balanced diet, allowing yourself a fine sugar free soda drink is something we all strive for in the end. The refreshing, delightful, and bubbly taste that energizes us.

Vegan Passover Recipes

It’s hard to believe that we are coming full circle to another year in a pandemic. This also means we are ready to salute at another Passover Seder. Passover is one of the most celebrated Jewish Holidays and takes place in the springtime each year.  It lasts seven days and is also associated with the feast of the unleavened, where members of the household will not own or consume products containing leaven during this time. 

How Are Soft Drinks Made Fizzy?

Right after the taste, the best part about soft drinks is their satisfying fizz. Any soda fan will agree that a flat soda isn’t the same as a fizzy one — but what gives a soda its fizz?

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