What is Alkaline Water and Is It Good For You?

Water- the essential life ingredient!  Our bodies are made of it. Our lives depend on it.  And although plain water is enough to keep us going there are plenty of enhanced waters rich in nutrients that take the next step and supercharge our bodies so we feel and look better. 

3 Expert Tips on How to Pair Mineral Water with Wine

Did you know that there are specific rules when it comes to pairing mineral water with wine? An expert wine connoisseur would know that following those subtleties of the craft makes all the difference when trying to bring out the best qualities of both wine and water.

12 Drinks of Christmas: Celebrate the Holidays with your Favorite Boozy Beverages

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me… this list of favorite holiday cocktails to rock around the Christmas tree. Whether you are keeping things low key, zooming in with family and friends, or hosting a social-distance friendly gathering you can never go wrong with a festive beverage in your hand to keep things merry and bright. Try some (or all) of these holiday mixed drinks to spread the joy as you celebrate this season.

Seven Tips to Stay Hydrated in the Winter

When it’s hot outside, what’s the first thing you do when you go indoors? If you’re like many people, you grab a cool drink of water — the more ice, the better. While many people are keenly aware of the need to stay hydrated during the summer, a lot of individuals don’t have the same appreciation for the importance of staying hydrated in winter.

Soft Drinks Trivia: Interesting Facts on Your Favorite Soda Drinks

With a US market share of almost $270 billion in 2020 soda drinks have conquered our taste buds and have become an essential part of our drinking experiences. Mixed in cocktails or drank on their own soda’s by far the ideal refreshment drink. Here are some interesting facts about the top 7 types of soda out there:

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