Find the Perfect Root Beer For Summertime BBQs

Find the Perfect Root Beer For Summertime BBQs

Find the Perfect Root Beer For Summertime BBQs

Summertime is officially here and we can’t wait for what comes with it: getting back to normal with outdoor gatherings, good food, and good times! Something that signifies “summer” to us is a sweet, delicious root beer! Is there anything more refreshing than a cold root beer on a hot summer day paired with some mouth-watering burgers and dogs? We don’t think so. Here are some of our favorites you can enjoy as is or add some ice cream to take it to the next level. 

Stewart’s Root Beer

You can’t go wrong with a classic. A name synonymous with the title beverage, Stewart’s has perfected their root beer recipe since 1924 and hasn’t looked back! Taking a sip will bring you back to the days of sitting outside the drive-in with a burger in one hand and a draft in the other. The old-fashioned recipe uses cane sugar so every sip is sweet and satisfying. 

Boylan’s Root Beer

If you’re looking for a flavor that is true to its “roots” then Boylan’s has a beverage for you. Bottling since 1891 with beverages that use real cane sugar, Boylan’s Root Beer is the choice for craft soda connoisseurs. With a rich sassafras flavor of cinnamon, sweet birch, vanilla, and wintergreen oil, you are in for the true root beer experience. 

Virgil’s Zero Root Beer

Looking for flavor that’s light on calories? Virgil’s zero sugar root beer has perfected the art to create an all-natural, full-bodied flavor root beer with zero calories. Using a proprietary blend of natural sweeteners, they have created a flavor that is satisfying without the guilt. Perfect for those of us coming into the post-quarantine lifestyle looking for a healthier way to indulge at the neighborhood gatherings. 

Maine Root Root Beer

Looking for that great root beer taste with a lighter flavor? Maine Root has bottled the original root beer your grandparents remember. Flavors of sarsaparilla, wintergreen, and a hint of clove provide a refreshing trip to the past for your taste buds. Maine Root is bringing beverages from the past into the future with ingredients that are Fair Trade Certified, including 100% organic sugar cane.

Dr. Brown’s Root Beer

Another taste of the “Old Neighborhood”, Dr. Browns has been around since 1869 and is proud of its roots in 1800’s New York City. This draft-style root beer provides a full-bodied flavor with a nice mouthfeel and pleasant aftertaste. A favorite for generations, you can’t go wrong with this classic brand and flavor. 

It’s never too late to start building your root beer collection at where you can find these favorites and more to ensure the perfect complement to your barbecue favorites or ice cream bar. Your new favorite beverage selection is waiting for you!

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