Romancing the Cocktail: Just the Classics for Valentine’s Day

Romancing the Cocktail: Just the Classics for Valentine’s Day

Cocktails are made for romance. Their long stems and crystal glassware, measured patience, shakes and clangs, natural garnishes, and gushes of smooth flavors all collide together to intoxicate the palette and imagination. No one really knows where the first one was imbibed, but the cocktail is considered to have first gained proper praise on American soil. Other cultures have been lovingly mixing spirits for centuries, though. The ancient Greeks mixed spices and honey with their wine, and the British after them took to sugaring their grog to make it go down with ease.  

The Professor

The man who gets the most credit for cocktail innovation was a creative Connecticut tapster by the name of Jerry Thomas, affectionately known as “Professor.” After traveling Europe and the US in search of choice techniques and ingredients, Thomas wrote the first drink manual, called The Bartender’s Guide in 1862, and lovers, loners, and liberators have been drinking the liquid courage ever since. Romantic Valentine’s Day cocktails have grown right from Thomas’s work, and here are a few that you should couple with Beverage Universe mixers, presented to you, of course, with special love for Valentine’s Day.

Champagne Punch

“To make a punch of any sort in perfection,” writes Thomas, “the ambrosial essence of the lemon must be extracted by rubbing lumps of sugar on the rind…” The difference between a bon vivant and a woebegone is in the punch. And not just any punch; the punch of the bubbly variety is certainly the sexiest. Add some fruit to the mix and we have a delightful concoction that’s sure to please the netherworld out of your Valentine.   

The Pick-Me-Up

Hint, hint: she likes to get picked up. The French-inspired Pick-Me-Up mixes cognac with the spiced and herbal Dubonnet and the anise-flavored anisette. Properly poured, Pick-Me-Ups are aromatic with a spiced herbal base that refreshes through crushed ice and taps the top of the palette with anise—sure to pick him or her right up.  

Blue Blazer

No big deal here. You’re just sipping “a blazing stream of liquid fire,” as Thomas put it. The Blue Blazer might take the prize as the most dazzling cocktail on the scene. Dim the lights down low for this one, and watch your (hopefully) expert bartender pour blue flaming liquid back and forth between two mugs and right into your sexy little glasses.  

The Corpse-Reviver

The winter, kids, work, the dropkick party you were at last night. Some things can be a drag, but you gotta get your groove back. Take it all the way back to tough and classic times with a Corpse-Reviver. Known to revive the most cadaverous souls, the once-famous cocktail mixes all ingredients equally so you can focus only on reviving.

Take back the romance for Valentine’s Day with these classic cocktails. The father of American mixology Jerry Thomas would approve, and your loving muse will be quite aroused to know you have a degree in making things classic, and gathering the best mixers, on Valentine’s Day.

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