Presenting Solé Italian Mineral Water - The Enlightened Italian

Presenting Solé Italian Mineral Water - The Enlightened Italian

Presenting Solé Italian Mineral Water - The Enlightened Italian

Solé Italian Mineral Water, a premium bottled natural mineral water, is sold exclusively in the world’s best hotels and restaurants. Known for its crisp, slightly sweet and refreshing taste, Solé’s uniqueness and exclusivity is born from their enchanted source; located at the foot of the Brescian Pre-Alps that rise to the northeast of Brescia, Italy. 

The Enchanted Source of Solé

Since ancient Roman times the history of Solé Italian Mineral Water is rich with folklore celebrating the famous source from which it is derived. Legend has it that a pagan sun goddess once stood at the site of the Solé source. Roman soldiers would stop to fill their water vessels at the source before going out to conquer new lands. The pure mineral water source became known as Solé, named for the sun itself. Sun also suggests enlightenment. 

It was also said that many famous icons during the renaissance drank Solé Italian Mineral Water such as Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. As the enchanted river of enlightenment flowed through their bodies, these famous icons along with many others became inspired to create better societes and better people during times of great changes. 

The Enlightened Italian

Freed from ignorance and misinformation the Enlightened Italian was born. As it inspired some of history's greatest and most ancient icons, Solé has continued to enlighten those who drink it for many centuries. Now consumed by some of the most elegant Italian creators, artists and influencers, Solé Italian Mineral Water brings a lighter, fresher, more sophisticated point-of-view to a world that has become overly complicated and saturated with groupthink.

Why Drink Solé?

If the enchanted and enlightened history of Solé isn’t convincing enough, perhaps the water’s sodium-free purity with low levels of dissolvable solids will seal the deal. 

Many people ask, “Is mineral water good for you” and in short the answer is yes, especially Solé Italian Mineral Water. The well-balanced group of minerals in Solé is derived from a natural filtration process as the water works its way through varying geological rocks and minerals to the underground and well-protected source.

Solé is one hundred percent sodium free, which is uncommon among the majority of the other mineral water brands. With less dissolvable solids for better taste, higher levels of bicarbonate for improved digestion and a neutral pH level close to that of the human body, Sole Italian Mineral water has the perfect balance of great taste and health benefits. 

Additionally, Solé is packaged in pure, sleek glass bottles, making it eco-friendly and more sustainable. As enlightened thinkers and enlightened drinkers, Solé is naturally committed to protecting mother earth and the sources in which its water is derived from.

Where Can I Find Solé Italian Mineral Water?

Searching for enlightenment? Solé Italian Mineral Water can be found in the world's top hotels and restaurants across the United States, Italy, France, England, Thailand, Dubai, Hong Kong and many more. It is also sold on Beverage Universe and Amazon for those who wish to consume a glass of enlightenment within the comfort of their own home. For more information visit or follow Solé on Instagram and Facebook @sole_water.
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