Caffeine Addiction – How Much Is Too Much?

Caffeine Addiction – How Much Is Too Much?

Coffee is everywhere. From coffee shops to your home machine, it’s likely a part of your life — especially when you need a little extra help getting going in the morning. But what about the caffeine? Can it be contributing to you not feeling as well as you could?

No matter how much you love coffee, an excess consumption of the caffeinated beverage might have left you regretting your alliances.

Symptoms of Too Much Caffeine

How much is too much? If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms, it might be an indicator to give your relationship with coffee a break:

1. The Jitters and Anxiousness. Too much caffeine can leave you feeling restless and shaky — otherwise known as “the jitters.” If you find your hand trembling, put down the coffee — carefully! Cut back on extra sugary snacks for the remainder of the day, too, until you return to normal.

2. Headaches. You might be able to deal with the jitters, but a headache — well, it hurts. While caffeine can help to relieve a headache, it sometimes can also be the cause. If you find yourself suffering from head pain, try taking an ibuprofen with a full glass of water — and maybe reduce your coffee intake.

3. Insomnia. If coffee is triggering you to stay awake at night, you might be suffering from coffee-induced insomnia. If you like top your night off with a warm beverage, try brewing some chamomile tea instead.

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