New Products and Products Coming Soon to the Universe

New Products and Products Coming Soon to the Universe

New Products and Products Coming Soon to the Universe

I think we’re all ready for a change in our routine and Beverage Universe is no different! We’re ready to announce some fabulous new products coming your way that everyone can enjoy. Summer is just around the corner and these beverages are ready to make an appearance at your family bbq, in your beach cooler, or simply enjoyed fresh from the fridge. There’s no shortage of ways to enjoy your favorite products, mixed in with some new contenders, to make every day as refreshing as the last. These products are ready and waiting (or will be soon) for you at

Driftless Water:

Driftless Fine Waters is an award winning brand that delivers the perfect water to pair with your favorite meals. They are the only U.S. brand to win a medal in the International Water Tasting Competition in 2019. Sustainability also plays an important role in their process so as you enjoy your crisp, clean Driftless Water, you can feel good about supporting the planet!

Aur’a Sparkling Water:

When you want to live like the rich and famous, reach for a bottle of Aur’a Sparkling water. This brand is an intensely hydrating alkaline water with detoxifying properties. Straight from  Transylvania’s Golden Hawk Mountains, this naturally filtered water combines unique silver and gold colloid content with a balanced taste, making it a true source of good energy. Pristine, crisp water that will have you feeling like a million bucks. 

London Essence Co. Mixers:

For top notch cocktails, you can only use quality ingredients. That’s where London Essence Co. comes in. They offer a variety of uniquely flavored and balanced drinks to stock your home bar including Bitter Orange & Elderflower Tonic Water and Original Indian Tonic Water. You can’t go wrong with their Perfectly Spiced Gingerbeer and Delicate London Ginger Ale which will add the perfect amount of kick to your mixed drink or can be enjoyed on their own. 

Vellamo Spring Water:

Vellamo offers the water of our forefathers, literally. Vellamo Spring Well is located on the Salpausselkä Ridge, on the southern border of the Finnish lake district. The Salpausselkä Ridge was formed during the last Ice Age more than 10 000 years ago. The water is naturally filtered through layers of sand and gravel for a refreshing, purified flavor. 

Vinada Crispy Chardonnay Non-Alcoholic Wine (coming soon):

Vinada offers some of the most flavorful and refreshing varieties of non-alcoholic wine and their Crispy Chardonnay is no different. This bubbly beauty is made from a unique mixture of Chardonnay grapes from the French wine-growing region Languedoc. The result is a low-calorie, fresh-flavored beverage that makes any event a reason to celebrate. (P.S. As a bonus, we’re also restocking your beloved Vinada mini bottles!)

Cana Royal Water (coming soon):

Sometimes, we need to feel like royalty and Cana Royal Water delivers on that promise. This brand offers the first premium water from the unspoiled nature of the Prekmurje region of Slovenia. A beverage full of natural minerals to keep you balanced and hydrated any time of the day. 

Whether you are looking for a new brand of water to keep you hydrated, a non-alcoholic wine to enjoy with friends and family, or a set of mixers to add to your bar collection, has all the products you love to make every day a celebration.


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