Vellamo - Spring Water - Still - 330 ml (20 Glass Bottles)

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Pack of 20

Vellamo Spring Well is located on the Salpausselkä Ridge, on the southern border of the Finnish lake district. The Salpausselkä Ridge was formed during the last Ice Age more than 10 000 years ago.  Vellamo Natural Spring Water is filtered by thick and clean layers of sand and moraine gravel.

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More Information

Water Analysis

pH  6,6
Kalcium (Ca)  12 mg/l
Natrium (Na)  5,3 mg/l
Kalium (K)  2,4 mg/l
Magnesium (Mg)  4,5 mg/l
Chloride (Cl)  4,9 mg/l
Sulfate (SO4)  25 mg/l
Nitrate (NO3)  3,8 mg/l

Beverage Characteristics 100% Natural, Mineral Water, Non-Sparkling Water, Vegan
Brand Vellamo
Beverage Size 11.2oz
Pack Size Pack of 20
Water Source Spring Water
Flavor None
Calories Zero Calories
Container Glass
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