One Tea Nation: Touring the World's Favorite Beverage

One Tea Nation: Touring the World's Favorite Beverage


Ah, tea. Nothing like a cup of tea to start and end the day or recharge in between. Richard Branson loves it so much he drinks twenty cups a day. 

If you look for its source, you get transported to multiple places—like in front of emperor, scholar, and herbalist Shen Nung’s boiling cauldron 5,000 years ago. There, mysterious leaves fell in and brewed together an irresistible aroma. All gathered round and had a sip. It was adored so much, the tea ceremony was born by the third century AD. By the 1100s, Zen Buddhists were taking it to Japan and Tibet to fire-up meditation.  

Tea’s influence rides an epic journey through history, defining nations and nations within nations—uniting the world with relish. Today there are over 1,500 types of teas in four typical categories: black, white, green, and oolong. The flower and fruit varieties diversify the collection. At Beverage Universe, we serve New York City’s bottled tea needs. But before you start brewing yourself, have a seat at the tea table and enjoy what we have to offer.


Brooklyn Crafted


You don’t have to hop on a 10,000 mile flight to Bali to score a cup of hibiscus tea. You can get it specially crafted right from Brooklyn. Packed with herbal rewards, Brooklyn Crafted’s Hibiscus Flower Herbal Tea lowers blood pressure and is rich in antioxidants. Also try Prunella, 10-Herb, Hawthorn Berry, Brown Sugar & Ginger, and Chrysanthemum & Pear. Small batch crafted with no artificial sweeteners or flavors, they’re all vegan, and all yours. 


Harney & Sons


If you’ve been hiding under a rock for four hundred years, you might not know the British are obsessed with tea, and Harney & Sons brews some hypnotic flavors. Sip your lips around Hot Cinnamon Spiced Iced Tea, Blood Orange Iced Tea, American Buzz Mint Iced Tea, Organic Supreme Black Tea, Organic Blackberry Juice & Tea, Organic Green Tea With Citrus, Organic Black Tea, Organic Lemonade & Tea, and Organic Black Currant Tea. They’re British-made by the British-obsessed.  




Made in Italy since 1901, Galvanina makes specially made peach, lemon, green, and black teas. The water is sourced from the ancient water tables that pass under Rome so you can sip your tea while pretending to talk genius with Bernini and Cicero at the Pantheon. Beverage Universe sells the organic varieties in packs of twelve.   


Honest Tea


Did you know tea leaves aren't rinsed? That’s honest. Honest Tea grew out of a student-professor relationship at Yale with a mission to source organic tea leaves free of unauthorized pesticide residues. Honest’s flavors are getting quite colorful lately. Organic Mango Mate Black Tea, Organic Lemon Grove Maple Black Tea, Peach Oo-La-Long, Honey Green Tea, Moroccan Mint, Orange Mango Flavored Herbal, Just Green, Just Black, and even Lori has her own flavor, Lori Lemon, a well-balanced palette of sugar, iced tea, and organic lemon juice.  

Beverage Universe also offers cases of Snapple teas if you can’t be bothered to try anything new. Nevertheless, a beverage that blurs borders and has connected the world, tea should be enjoyed your way. So however you like your cuppa tea, whether it’s old or new school, green, black, white, or oolong, remember—we are One Tea Nation.

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