8 Healthy Drinks to Send to Summer Camp with Your Child

8 Healthy Drinks to Send to Summer Camp with Your Child

8 Healthy Drinks to Send to Summer Camp with Your Child

Now that summer is finally here, your children are probably enrolled in some type of summer camp. If that’s the case, you know packing lunches doesn’t end with the school year. Beverage Universe knows the importance of keeping your children hydrated while they’re running around in the sun with their friends all day. Here are some of our favorite suggestions for healthy drinks to pack for your son or daughter this summer. 


Regardless of the rest of this list, you should always pack your child water in addition to other drinks and snacks in the summer. Water is the best option for your child, especially if they’re going to be in the sun and sweating. Regular bottled water is always an option, but if you wish to change it up for them, flavored water such as Hint Water would be a win. 


Gatorade is a tasty sports drink that will provide your child with electrolytes and hydration this summer. The flavor options are plentiful, and a few of our favorites are fruit punch, lemon lime, and orange. If you are looking to cut down on carbs, sugar and calories try Gatorade Cool Blue.

Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water is packed with vitamins and electrolytes and come in flavors like strawberry-black cherry, lemon-lime, and orange-mango. Your child will love to drink this, and it’ll keep them hydrated and energized for their long, hot day. 


Snapple is a great addition to your child’s water and lunch. Beverage Universe sells a variety of all different flavors so you can change it up for your son or daughter every day. Also, don’t forget about the “real” facts!

Sparkling Water

Regular water and even flavored water can get old the more they consume it. Change it up again with sparkling water! There are a variety of flavored waters we cary to help you mix it up and keep your water far from boring.

Natural Nantucket Nectars

Nantucket Nectars juice is a great way to get your kids moving for the day. Everyone gets tired of apple juice or orange juice, so why not change it up with one of these! There are many different flavors including pomegranate pear, orange-mango, squeezed lemonade, and more!

Summer camps are about to be in full swing, so be sure to grab your child’s favorite drinks and more at It’s better to be prepared and have drinks in bulk at home than to have to rush to the store the night before. You can grab packs for your children as well as your favorites like non-alcoholic beer, sodas, and more. 

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