Schweppes Soda

Schweppes Soda - A Sparkling Tradition Since 1783


FOR OVER 235 YEARS, Schweppes has been refining the perfect way to elevate your everyday refreshment. With every sip of Schweppes, the dedication to quality, excellence, and the art of tastefulness, leaves us feeling simply refreshed.

SCHWEPPES TONIC WATER began in 1783 as the world's original soft drink. Its founder, Jacob Schweppe, was drawn to the new art of carbonating beverages, so he refined and patented his own process of creating mineral water.

Some fun filled facts about Schweppes

  • Customers referred to Schweppes as LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE because it was the first bottle of its kind to retain carbonation.
  • Schweppes received a WARRANT OF APPOINTMENT in 1836 from King William IV of England, which significantly contributed to the popularity of the growing brand.
  • Schweppes was the official drink of the 1851 GREAT EXHIBITION held at the Crystal Palace in London. The event made such an impact that the fountain is still featured on the logo today.
  • In the 1950s Schweppshire advertising campaign, spokesman Commander Edward Whitehead coined "Schweppervescence" to describe the bright, effervescent quality of Schweppes.
  • Schweppes products include Schweppes ginger ale, Schweppes club soda to tonic water and many others.
  • Schweppes club soda 10 oz glass bottles are our most popular Schweppes product and are great as a drink mixer!

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16 Items