Aur'a Natural Gold Still and Sparkling Water


Aur’a Natural Gold Water springs from Transylvania’s Golden Hawk Mountains, reaching the surface naturally filtered by sand, gravel, cobble and clay. Its unique silver and gold colloid content and superior taste place Aur’a Natural Gold Water on the luxury water world market.

HYDRATING ENERGY SOURCE: Intensely hydrating alkaline water, with detoxifying properties, Aur’a harmoniously combines unique silver and gold colloid content with a balanced taste, making it a true source of good energy.

PURE: Aur’a water originates from a pristine, unpolluted area and contains no organic matter. Bottled directly from a mountain spring in Transylvania, Romania, with a perfectly balanced pH 8.28 and low sodium content.

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Aur'a - Natural Gold Water - 750 ml (1 Glass Bottle)
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aura natural gold water, 330 ml
aura still natural gold mineral water 330ml
aura natural gold mineral water 330ml still

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