Schweppes - Sparkling Lemon Lime - 12 oz (24 Cans)

Schweppes - Sparkling Lemon Lime - 12 oz (24 Cans)

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Pack of 24

The combination of Schweppes Lemon-Lime Seltzer fizzy effervescence and it's bold, natural lemon-lime flavor makes an enjoyable beverage that's sure to bring a smile to your face. And you'll keep smiling when you realize that Schweppes Lemon-Lime Seltzer has no sugar, no calories, and only natural flavors. Put that in your cup and drink it.

More Information
Beverage Characteristics Sparkling Water
Brand Schweppes
Beverage Size 12oz
Pack Size Pack of 24
Flavor Lemon, Lemon Lime, Lime
Container Can
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