Bitburger Drive 0.0% alcohol-free - the taste of pilsner, without the alcohol

Full-flavored and completely alcohol-free: naturally brewed following German Beer Purity laws, Bitburger Drive 0.0% Alcohol-free has an unmatched taste. 

Appearance: Bright, golden yellow in color, with a substantial white foam head with extra-fine bubbles.

Aroma: Roasted, sweet aromas with honey and fresh gingerbread, combining with notes of ripe cereal grains and bittersweet herbs.

Flavor: Delicate tingly fresh taste with lasting hops and notes of vermouth, finishing with a bittersweet malty flavor.

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Bitburger - Zero Non Alcoholic - 11.2 oz (24 Glass Bottles)
Bitburger Drive Non Alcoholic Beer
Bitburger - Zero Non Alcoholic Beer - 11.2 oz (12 Glass Bottles)

3 Items