VINADA - Sparkling Gold & Rose Mini Variety Pack - Zero Alcohol - 200 mL (12 Glass Bottles)

VINADA - Sparkling Gold & Rose Mini Variety Pack - Zero Alcohol - 200 mL (12 Glass Bottles)

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Cozy on a terrace in the sun, by the fireplace, during a day at the beach, after a long working day on the couch, a drink with friends! The experience, but not the alcohol. FINALLY! A TASTY non-alcoholic wine. A conscious - and with only 50 Calories per 8 oz serving - also a responsible choice. The Rose originates in the Spanish wine region of La Mancha and is made from the Tempranillo grape. This sparkling wine has a great taste, is refreshing and contains fine bubbles. "Se me hace agua la boca" the Spaniards would say. My Mouth is WateringA lively bright yellow colour with an abundance of white fruity taste sensations in both smell and taste followed by a soft, crisp mouth finishing. Dry aftertaste. Have something to celebrate but don’t want or need the alcohol? Enjoy our VINADA white sparkling beauty. Not just 0% but also delightful and tasteful. Our sparkling wine is soft, gentle yet full of taste and bubbles. Perfect to celebrate life milestones such as a new job, a birthday, a pregnancy or simply because the sun is out. Enjoy. Who will you surprise with a VINADA?
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Process: The grapes are fermented and aged according to the traditional winemaking method. During this traditional vinification, the grapes are bruised very carefully and the skins begin to release their coloring to the juice. Once our VINADA winemaker is satisfied with the shade, the grapes are gently pressed and the skins and juice separated. Fermentation then continues. The wine is dealcoholised just before bottling. De- alcoholization takes place by means of vacuum extraction: The fully fermented base wine is de-alcoholized under vacuum at a low temperature. The temperature is crucial for the taste. The lower the temperature during de-alcoholization, the more aromas and thus taste are preserved. This process takes place at the prefect temperature and is a well-kept VINADA secret. The volatile aromas of the wine are extracted simultaneously with the alcohol. The aromas are returned directly to the de-alcoholised wine. The wine is then purified, filtered and stabilized.

Beverage Size6.76oz
Pack SizePack of 12
FlavorBerry, Vanilla
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