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The Incredible World of Soda

People buy soda all the time. It's part of a proud American tradition, and some of the most iconic brands are synonymous with the United States the world over. Soda is a fun and fizzy drink, cooling us down on hot days and complementing our meals. Whether we drink it at our desks at work or when we're in our homes, it is the quintessential beverage.

The Popularity of Soda 

One of the reasons so many people are rushing to buy soda online right now is because this drink is so popular. The average person in America drinks 44 gallons of soda each year , and 92% of these drinks are consumed in the home. On the average day, about half of everyone in the United States will drink at least one soda.

The total amount of soda purchased in this country each year amounts to more than $75 billion. Children especially love soda, and about nine in 10 children consume at least one serving of soda daily on a regular basis.

A World of Soda

There are many soda manufacturers out there, selling a variety of products. Some of the soda brands and styles Beverage Universe has, for example, include:

  • 7-Up. 7-Up is famous for its clear look and its lemon-lime flavor. Invented by Charles Leiper Grigg in 1929 as a tonic, it originally contained lithium citrate and was at first known as Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda. The name was quickly changed to 7-Up. Lithium citrate was a mood-stabilizing drug that was used until 1950, when it was eliminated from the beverage.
  • Sprite. Sprite is also a clear lemon-lime soda, first created in 1961. Sold in more than 190 countries, it is known as "lemonade" in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Coca-Cola. Perhaps one of the biggest soda brands in the world today, Coca-Cola was invented by pharmacist John Pemberton in 1886. Today, Coca-Cola is sold in more than 200 countries, and its logo has been designed in more than 80 languages.
  • Mountain Dew. With its distinctive green color, Mountain Dew is popular for offering some energy because of its caffeine content. Launched in the 1940s, it was originally made with whiskey, although today, it is made with orange juice as an ingredient.
  • Pepsi. Pepsi and Coke are known for being the two biggest brands and major competitors in the soda industry. Pepsi-Cola was created by pharmacist Caleb Bradham in 1893. The drink was originally sold in a soda fountain in the pharmacy and promised to boost energy and promote good digestion. Originally known as Brad's Drink, the name was changed to Pepsi-Cola because two of the ingredients were kola nits and pepsin.
  • Fanta. A fruit-flavored drink, Fanta is a name based on a German word meaning "imagination." Today, this drink is sold in more than 180 countries. Some flavors, however, are exclusive to specific regions of the world.
  • Boylan Soda. Boylan's is known for its hand-crafted and traditional sodas, including sodas flavored with cane sugar. Boylan's offers Ginger Ale, Root Beer Black Cherry and Creme sodas as well as other favors. It is the perfect choice for those seeking a more traditional soda experience.
  • San Pellegrino. This brand makes Italian sparkling waters and sodas with citrus flavors, for those looking for something a little different. Founded in 1932 with their iconic Aranciata flavor, the company now makes several flavors, including orange, lemon, orange, pomegranate and orange, grapefruit, clementine and blood orange.
  • A&W. Famous for its root beer, A&W also makes cream soda and diet root beer. The company has been around since 1919 and became so popular that the brand opened a chain of restaurants in 1922. Those restaurants and the drinks are still popular today.
  • Baladin. If you're looking for a natural drink with nostalgic flavors, Baladin might be the option for you. Made with no artificial flavors or colors, this brand is created to mimic the tastes of generations before. Baladin comes in a variety of unique flavors, including Cedrata, Ginger, Spuma Nera and Cola.
  • Dr Pepper. Dr Pepper was first sold in 1885, making it the oldest of the major soda brands in this country. Invented by pharmacist Charles Alderton for sale in his Waco, Texas store, Dr Pepper was originally a "brain tonic" and energy booster. It was also known for its unique taste. By 1904, it was being sold nationally.
  • Sioux City Sodas. For anyone who has ever watched a Western and has wondered about the sarsaparilla and other soft drinks served at saloons, Sioux City Sodas are a way to taste history. Based on historic Old West recipes, these sodas are unique and made from quality ingredients.
  • Schweppe. Founded by Johann Jacob Schweppe in the late 1700s in Europe, this soda brand has a long history. Since then, the company has been selling tonic water, ginger ale and other flavors.
  • Canada Dry. First developed in 1890 by a Canadian pharmacist, Canada Dry is now owned by an American company. Known for its Ginger Ale and mixers, Canada Dry advertises its Ginger Ale as being made with real ginger.

If you want to buy Pepsi Blue online or want to try any popular or unique soda experience, visit Beverage Universe to browse these and other brands online. Beverage Universe delivers right to your door and lets you order in bulk, so whether you want to purchase soda online or you want to explore a new-to-you flavor, visit Beverage Universe to start ordering.

History of Soda

Soda may be fun today, but it also has a rich history. Carbonated water has been popular for centuries, and many people associated natural bubbly springs with health benefits. In 1767, Joseph Priestly was experimenting in a brewery in England when he found he could infuse water with CO2 (carbon dioxide) by placing a bowl of water over fermenting beer. This discovery led to the invention of man-made carbonated water, which seemed to mimic some of the properties of water found in mineral springs. In 1771, Torbern Bergman made a similar invention when looking for a way to recreate the benefits of mineral springs.

Today, carbonated water is made with a carbonator, which passes pressurized carbon dioxide through water. In the 1700s, however, the simpler ways of making carbonated water became very popular, and by 1798, terms such as "soda water" and "soft drink" were popular.

In the 1700s, pharmacists in America began selling carbonated sodas as health tonics because of the strong link in people's minds between carbonation and medical benefits. Pharmacists mixed medical ingredients with flavorings and sweeteners to make the drinks more appealing, and pretty soon, people were enjoying sodas - whether they needed the medical benefits or not. Until the early 1900s, it was pharmacists who sold sodas.

The first soda in bottles was sold in 1835, and by the 1870s, soda fountains were extremely popular. People were going to these soda fountains to drink, get refreshed and spend time with friends. New sodas were developed by many pharmacists, and the most popular brands were debuted at major world and state fairs. Sodas were big business!

In 1876, root beer first became a popular drink, and by 1881 the first cola-flavored drink was created. In 1914, a major change occurred when the role of pharmacists changed. Before that year, pharmacists were the ones to mix medicines and to offer them to patients on an "over-the-counter" basis. In the 1900s, however, the role of doctors and pharmacists changed, and fewer tonics and mixes were sold purely over the counter. At the same time, other proprietary medicines became more popular.

Another major change to sodas in the 1900s was the launch of low-calorie and diet sodas. The first diet sodas were created in 1952, and the trend really took off. The first national diet soda was the Diet RiteŽ from RC Cola, launched in 1958. In the 1960s, Fresca, Tab and Pepsi had their own diet versions. A sugar-free version of 7-Up was available on the market in 1970, and in 1982 Diet Coke was created.

Fun Facts About Soda

Soda connoisseurs know some cool facts about soda. Did you know:

  • There's a reason Dr Pepper has no period after the Dr: Dr Pepper was originally Dr. Pepper and was potentially named after pharmacist Dr. Charles T. Pepper, a mentor of the soda's inventor. The period after Dr was dropped in the 1950s in part to ensure there was no confusion with the medical industry and partly for style.
  • Coca-Cola used to have cocaine in it: Cocaine comes from a plant called the coca plant, and for centuries, people in Bolivia and Peru have chewed on the leaves of the plant to enjoy increased energy and improved mood, among other effects. In 1863, there was a very popular wine in Europe known as Vin Mariani. It was actually a tonic of red wine and coca leaves. Since soaking the leaves in alcohol extracted the active ingredients from the leaves, the tonic was advertised as offering renewed energy and other health benefits. Pharmacist John Pemberton created his own version of the tonic in America in 1886, by combining wine, a coca mix, caffeine and kola nut extract. The drink, Pemberton's French Wine Coca, was very popular, but laws eventually required Pemberton to remove the alcohol. In 1903, cocaine was also removed from the beverage, creating the drink we know today.
  • The Coke and Pepsi debate is older than you think: It all started when Pepsi-Cola went bankrupt in 1931. The drink was very popular, but sugar prices changed dramatically after World War I, putting pressure on the company. A candy company named Loft Inc. bought the soda company and in its stores began selling Pepsi because Coke refused to give them lower syrup prices. This was the start of the rivalry and the first instance of one of the brands being sold to the exclusion of the other.

Diet and Regular Soda

Diet sodas are relatively new, having been introduced in the 1950s. While regular sodas use sugar or syrup, diet sodas are made with alternate sweeteners for a lower calorie count and for those who cannot process sugar. One of the most common sweeteners used in diet sodas is aspartame. This low-calorie sweetener has been in use for decades and has been deemed safe by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and by other major world health organizations.

For anyone worried about calories, diet drinks make a lot of sense. Most are just a few calories, and some have no discernible calories per serving. Studies conducted by Healthy Options Consciously Everyday (CHOICE) found that no-calorie and low-calorie drinks caused no more food cravings than water. Researchers found subjects who drank diet drinks ate less dessert when compared with test subjects who drank water.

Making Soda a Part of Your Life

Of course, today you can buy soda at grocery stores, convenience stores and just about any other establishment. However, there are a few benefits to getting your products from a soda delivery store, such as Beverage Universe:

  • You have a wider selection of options. Beverage Universe lets you order your favorite brands online, but we can also can help you hunt down that little-known product you tried on your vacation or that you remember from childhood. With Beverage Universe soda delivery, you can find all the flavors of your favorite brands and try out new options you didn't even realize existed!
  • You can buy soft drinks in bulk. When you buy Coca-Cola online, you get to buy as much as you want. You can always have some on hand for visitors or yourself. Buying soda in bulk also saves you a lot of time. You don't have to head out to refresh your supplies as often, so you have more time to spend on other tasks. When you buy Coca-Cola or Pepsi in bulk (or any soda) you also only need to worry about one delivery and one delivery charge, which can save you time and money.
  • It's easier to order online. In fact, when you decide to order Coca-Cola or Pepsi online, it only takes a few clicks of a mouse to get your order through. There's no driving to a store, parking and waiting in line. Instead, you can order soda, no matter where you live, in just seconds. If you're new in town and are wondering where you can buy Coca-Cola and your other favorite beverages, online ordering makes it possible to buy right from your computer or mobile device - even if you're on the go.
  • Soda home delivery gets your soda right to your door. When you buy soda in bulk, getting it to your home or office can be a challenge. Soda is heavy. When you buy Coke, or any of your favorite beverages online, Beverage Universe will deliver right to your door, meaning you can enjoy your soda without carrying it from the store to your car and from your car to your home. Beverage Universe can save you some backache - and headache!

If you love A&W, Pepsi or Coca-Cola, buy soda in bulk online with Beverage Universe. In fact, no matter what soda brands you adore or want to explore, Beverage Universe lets you enjoy the convenience of huge selection and home delivery. Order from Beverage Universe today to quench your thirst!

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