Smeraldina - Sparkling - 750 ml (12 Glass Bottles)

Smeraldina - Sparkling - 750 ml (12 Glass Bottles)

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Pack of 12

2019 Best Tasting Bottled Water in the World
Smeraldina Artesian Water was awarded the 2019 Gold Medal for Best Bottled Water at the 29th Annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting.

In the center of the Mediterranean Sea, from the pristine island of centenarians, Smeraldina artesian water flows from the million years old granite depths of “Monti de Deu,” The Mountain of God. Smeraldina reaches the bottle directly to give you all the freshness of the source, a pure and precious mineral water, one of nature’s true jewels. Balanced, harmonious minerality, perfect for your body’s health and well-being.
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Beverage Characteristics100% Natural, Artesian, Sparkling Water
Beverage Size25.3oz
Pack SizePack of 12
Water SourceArtesian Water
CaloriesZero Calories
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