We are pleased to offer free shipping to our New York customers on all products from Beverage Universe! How could we possibly offer free shipping on heavy cases of water, soda, juice, and all your favorite beverages? It’s a unique opportunity for our customers that is the results of a very unique story.  

Mitchell’s NY Story

Our parent company, Mitchell’s NY has been delivering newspapers and magazines to New  Yorkers for the past 75 years starting in 1946! In recent years, we've expanded and diversified that business to include messenger and courier services that deliver over one thousand packages per day throughout the tri-state area. With that unique advantage we’re able to add all our Beverage Universe products to our delivery system and offer 100% FREE shipping. 


Oh…..and we’ve also been your friendly neighborhood Milkman for the past 30 years!  So if you want to order milk, fresh juice, bagels and pastries - we’ve got you covered there too. Our refrigerated Milkman trucks keep your order fresh from door-to-door. 


So go ahead and take advantage of the unique opportunity brought to you by combining Beverage Universe and Mitchell’s NY together. Why not start with our Special Offer for April