Manhattan Special - Vanilla Cream Soda - 12 oz (24 Glass Bottles)

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Pack of 24

Made in Brooklyn, New York. Manhattan Special is a pale yellow liquid soda with sediment gives a light hiss upon opening and a crackle to the pour. As a layer of large bubbles dissipate, the scent is of pure vanilla extract. Carbonation is light on the tongue, providing a smooth and light mouthfeel. The taste is of softly sweet real vanilla flavor, moderate sweetness, and a touch of creaminess. This is a smooth, easy drink that'll remind you of when your mother baked cookies in the kitchen.

More Information
Beverage Characteristics 100% Natural, Regular Soda
Brand Manhattan Special
Beverage Size 12oz
Pack Size Pack of 24
Flavor Cream, Vanilla
Container Glass
You're reviewing:Manhattan Special - Vanilla Cream Soda - 12 oz (24 Glass Bottles)
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