Lurisia - Sparkling Spring Water - 1 L (12 Glass Bottles)

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Pack of 12

Winner of the "Best Tasting Water" award from the Fine Water Society, Lurisia Sparkling Water is bottled at its source at the base of the western Alps and has a velvety texture for a pleasurable drinking experience. Try it today, and see why Lurisia is the sparkling water that discerning tastes choose.

More Information
Beverage Characteristics Mineral Water, Sodium-Free, Sparkling Water, Zero Carb, Zero Calorie
Brand Lurisia
Beverage Size 33.8oz
Pack Size Pack of 12
Water Source Spring Water
Flavor None
Calories Zero Calories
Container Glass
You're reviewing:Lurisia - Sparkling Spring Water - 1 L (12 Glass Bottles)
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