London Essence Co. - Original Indian Tonic Water - 200 ml (24 Glass Bottles)

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Pack of 24

A precise balance of aromatic citrus notes, pleasantly bitter quinine and distilled juniper essence. Pair with your preferred premium gin or try with a dark rum for a contemporary pairing.


A refreshing citrus aroma, with an almost tropical note.


An elegant and refreshing tonic, with an aromatic citrus forward profile. Lemon peel extract, and cold pressed lime oils combine with aromatic calamansi to deliver a unique citrus note, which is layered with a hint of chinotto and a distilled juniper essence to deliver a pleasantly bitter tonic finish.

Exquisite drinks made with purest flavours.

An elegant collection designed to always be low in calories.



Sparkling Water, Pure Fructose, Flavourings (Natural Citrus Flavourings, Natural Flavourings, Juniper Distillate, Quinine), Acid (Citric Acid).

More Information
Beverage Characteristics 100% Natural, Carbonated, Low Calorie, Regular Soda, Soft Drink, Sparkling Water, Vegan
Brand London Essence Company
Beverage Size 6.76oz
Pack Size Pack of 24
Flavor Tonic
Calories Under 100 Calories
Container Glass
You're reviewing:London Essence Co. - Original Indian Tonic Water - 200 ml (24 Glass Bottles)
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