Hal's NY - Vanilla Cream Seltzer - 20 oz (24 Plastic Bottles)

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Pack of 24

THIS IS NOT A VANILLA SODA. This is something else, something refreshing, elegant, effervescent. Not sweet, but bold vanilla flavors nonetheless. Hal's New York Vanilla Cream Seltzer is a great treat when you're looking for a zero-calorie, all-natural, crisp and refreshing beverage.

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More Information
Beverage Characteristics Flavored, Sparkling Water
Brand Hal's New York
Beverage Size 20oz
Pack Size Pack of 24
Flavor Cream, Vanilla
Calories Zero Calories, Under 100 Calories
Container Plastic
You're reviewing:Hal's NY - Vanilla Cream Seltzer - 20 oz (24 Plastic Bottles)
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