Galvanina - Organic Italian Soda Clementine - 12.8 oz (12 Glass Bottles)

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Pack of 12

This is a unique soft drink with the intense and unmistakeable flavor of top-quality organic clementines grown in Sicily
It boasts all the unique flavors of these delicious fruits, with their delicate but long lasting aroma, which are packed with vitamins and antioxidants
Galvanina makes an exquisite addition to picnics and dinner parties, and an indulgent treat just for you
During pressing, the pulp of the fruit is hand-sieved and used in the soft drink which is prepared using mineral water, organic cane sugar, and carbonation from natural origin and is USDA certified organic. Clementine, a veritable delight for the palate!
USDA Certified Organic - Ideal mixer for cocktails - Sweetened with organic cane sugar

More Information
Beverage Characteristics Organic, Organic Cane Sugar, Regular Soda, Sparkling Juice, Sweetened, USDA Organic
Brand Galvanina
Beverage Size 12oz
Pack Size Pack of 12
Flavor Clementine
Calories Zero Calories, Under 100 Calories
Container Glass
You're reviewing:Galvanina - Organic Italian Soda Clementine - 12.8 oz (12 Glass Bottles)
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