Topo Chico - Twist of Lime - 355 ml (12 Glass Bottles)

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Pack of 12

Topo Chico has always been known for the legend surrounding its origins. Today, it is one of the world's largest and best sparkling mineral water brands, with several flavors and packages sizes to satisfy even the most legendary thirst. Whether you believe in the legend or not, you'll still be able to enjoy the crisp, no-calorie taste of Topo Chico.

  • Sparkling Mineral Water Imported from Mexico
  • Every spring should have a legend, our speaks about the virutes of the water
  • Clean and crisp blend of minerals with tight bubbles
  • A beverage for all types of ocassions
  • Healthy Alternative as it conatins no sugars and has zero calories
  • Twist of lime natural flavor
More Information
More Information

Ingredients: Mineral Water, Carbon Dioxide, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor

Beverage Characteristics 100% Natural, Carbonated, Flavored, Mineral Water, No Artificial Flavors, Sparkling Water, Zero Calorie
Brand Topo Chico
Beverage Size 12oz
Pack Size Pack of 12
Water Source Spring Water
Flavor Lime
Calories Zero Calories
Container Glass
You're reviewing:Topo Chico - Twist of Lime - 355 ml (12 Glass Bottles)
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