Sant Aniol - Natural Mineral Water - 1 L (6 Glass Bottles)

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Pack of 6

Sant Aniol’s spring can be found in Garrotxa, a region in Girona, at a depth of 115 meters. A slope located in a place of sedimented lava and volcanic rock makes Sant Aniol a water of great purity and excellent qualities.

ORIGIN - Filtered for thousands of years through volcanic rocks of Garrotxa’s Natural Park. It provides a water free of contaminants, rich in minerals and with a high level of purity. The volcanic energy of the land allows the water to absorb more minerals than other waters do

BRINGING THE PUREST WATER DIRECTLY FROM THE SOURCE TO YOUR TABLE - Botteling plant is located right next to the water spring, in small village called Sant Aniol de Finestres. This privileged location provides an unaltered purity water.

SUSTAINABILITY - Sant Aniol cares about the environment. For years, we have been working consciousness to preserve it. We work on the optimization and innovation of the materials we use for our packaging, minimizing the
environmental impact. Since 2018, the energy we use at our plant is 100% green. In addition, we protect our source
of any potentially contaminating activity with a security perimeter of 275 hectares. Sant Aniol's sustainability policy
makes us work tirelessly to make this world a better place to live in.

QUALITY - Our strict quality control and our production process exempt of human contact, allows us to guarantee that both the extraction and bottling process are free of contaminants, so that the natural mineral water we offer on the market is in its purest state.

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APPROPRIATE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY - Sant Aniol water has an optimal mineral composition thanks to its natural filtering through layers of volcanic rock. It is a balanced water ideal for the whole family.

BENEFICIAL FOR ATHLETES - Drinking water before, during and after doing sports is key to recover the water and minerals our body lost. Magnesium and calcium help to relax and contract muscles properly

ADEQUATE FOR CHILDREN - To avoid overloading children below the age of 1 with sodium, it is recommended to give them water that contains less than 20 mg/l. Sant Aniol is low in sodium (6.8 mg/l) and it is suitable to prepare infant food.

INDICATED FOR THE ELDERLY - The amount of calcium in Sant Aniol water is excellent for all ages and necessary for optimal functioning of heart and muscles, as well as to reinforce our bones as our body begins to age

Beverage Characteristics 100% Natural, Non-Sparkling Water
Brand Sant Aniol
Beverage Size 33.8oz
Pack Size Pack of 6
Water Source Spring Water
Flavor None
Calories Zero Calories
Container Glass
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