O.Vine - Mixed Whites - 350 ml (9 Glass Bottles)

O.Vine - Mixed Whites - 350 ml (9 Glass Bottles)

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Meet a deliciously refreshing, alcohol free water infused with the essence of fine wine. O.Vine Sparkling and Still White Wine and Red Wine Essence Water is uniquely light, dry, crisp and low calorie. This innovative wine grape infused water adds sophisticated elegance to every occasion, from gatherings with family and friends to a simple sandwich on the go.

From Israel’s award winning Galil Mountain Winery, O.Vine White Wine Essence Water is the result of a patent pending upcycling method that captures the delicious taste, aroma, color and antioxidants hidden inside the skins and seeds of select Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer and Chardonnay wine grapes after they’ve been used to make fine wine. Winner, Best New Water Concept, 2018 Global Bottled Water Awards, Evian France.

More Information
Beverage CharacteristicsAnti-Oxidant, Carbonated, Kosher, Low Calorie, Non-Alcoholic Wine, Preservative FREE, Purified Water, Sparkling Water
Beverage Size11.8oz
Pack SizePack of 9
Water SourcePurified Water
FlavorAgave, Red Grape, Red Wine
CaloriesUnder 100 Calories
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