Martinelli's Apple Juice Unfiltered Organic


Martinelli's has been in existence since 1890, so one would think that the corporate officials would have their company pretty much under control; but they do NOT. For over one year they have been purchasing great apple juice with deficient, defunct bottle caps that do not snap or click into place to keep out the air. After repeated calls and a few free coupons, I have been informed by "Ben" that all the deficient bottles in the factory must first be sold, before the problem will be resolved and correct caps will be distributed. So my question is, if I purchase over two bottles per week, which I do, and the product turns sour, which it does, why do I have to endure the cost and not the company???? I am told that out of the millions of bottles sold, I am the only one to complain. Maybe you folks should check the quality of your juice more carefully. And I want to say to "Ben" that is a pretty terrible attitude.
Date Added: 02/16/2017 by JOE SAVAGE

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