Price Match

Crazy Freddie's Deals Are Sheer Madness!

Although he is unable to match all special prices, here is his compromise. Send an email to Crazy Freddie indicating a desired special deal for any four cases or more order of a same product. He will respond within 24 hours with his craziest deal. And Crazy Freddie will allow your deal to be ongoing. He is insaaane.

Crazy Freddie History:

During December, Boss asked Crazy Freddie, "How many cases did we move last month?" Crazy Freddie answered him. Boss said, "Freddie, are you crazy, that's not enough cases. We need to move more cases."

Crazy obliged the boss; he started selling crazy deals and earned his January incentive bonus for moving the most cases ever. Now he won't stop dealing.

Maybe he's not so crazy.

Contact Crazy Freddie with an email to:


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