Diet Coke (Old-Fashioned Glass


Diet Coke (Old-Fashioned Glass)

Remember that phrase "Coke bottle glasses?” These Diet Coke glasses are where that comes from. Go back in time with these old-fashioned bottles of Diet Coca-Cola and relive your childhood. Give these Diet Coke glass bottles a few hours in the fridge then take a big gulp and rediscover why Diet Coca-Cola remains an American favorite. Share a bottle or two with the ones you love, and keep the tradition alive.

The Taste of Nostalgia

Perhaps you remember the days of Diet Coke in glass bottles, or maybe you just remember your parents or grandparents talking about those old glass bottles. Either way, we want you to experience Diet Coke the way it was meant to be enjoyed from the very beginning. Glass-bottled Diet Coke presents a sense of nostalgia that you can now relive any day you want.

Share the experience of enjoying the simple and familiar taste of Diet Coke straight from their original packaging of glass bottles with your family or friends during your next party, cookout or get together. These Diet Coke glass bottles will exceed your guests’ expectations and turn any ordinary event into a memory that you’ll never forget.

Not only will glass-bottled Diet Cokes bring back memories of your youth and help you create new memories as an adult, but they will also help save the planet from plastic over consumption so your children can make memories of their own with this all-American classic soda, long into the future. Who knew preserving your memories could do so much to preserve the Earth for future generations?

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By now the question “Where can I buy Diet Coke in glass bottles?” should be answered without a doubt. Beverage Universe is the leading online beverage retailer for all new and classic varieties of your favorite drinks. With our unique bulk ordering system, you can get 24 glass Diet Coke bottles delivered straight to your door for a reasonably low cost anytime you want. You’ll never have to buy a single Diet Coke glass bottle or six-pack again, and the best part is you’ll never run the risk of running out of glass bottle Diet Coke to enjoy with all of your friends.

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