Zico Coconut Water

Zico Coconut Water

The story of ZICO Coconut Water begins in Central America, where, while volunteering, founder Mark Rampolla took notice that the locals regularly drank sweet coconut water for replenishment. The vision was to bring a healthy, natural, product to market in a sustainable and impactful way.

The benefits of ZICO 100% of coconut water

high-quality coconutsno added sugar*1 natural ingredient
5 electrolytes
fat and cholesterol free

ZICO Coconut Water is pure, natural coconut water with coconuts sourced from Thailand and other parts of Asia. The coconuts are hand harvested and craftily blended into a natural 100% coconut water to deliver the optimal sweetness and there is no added sugar. With a balanced blend of electrolytes from Mother Nature, including Potassium, ZICO natural 100% coconut water is a refreshing way to stay hydrated and treat your body well.

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