Virgil's Soda

An all-natural, smarter soda choice, made by hand in small batches using natural ingredients. Classic flavors without the toxins.

Great drinks don’t need fake ingredients. Virgil's obsesses over the recipe and the process. Virgil's doesn't use any artificial preservatives, any artificial colors, or any GMO-sourced ingredients. Great taste without the chemicals. Plain and simple. A delicious, handcrafted, all-natural refreshment.

The Virgil's Difference

NATURALLY-BOLD: Virgil's does not like fake. No artificial preservatives, no aspartame, no high-fructose corn syrup or GMO ingredients.

CLASSIC FLAVORS: Virgil's has spent years perfecting the classic flavors of soda. Root beer, vanilla cream, orange, black cherry, lemon-lime, cola, and more: each with its own inspired recipe, bold taste, and layered flavor profile.


HANDCRAFTED: Before craft brewing was a buzzword, the creators of Virgil's Sodas were blending each of their recipes by hand in small batches, infusing herbs and other ingredients to ensure each unique flavor came out as intended: robust, balanced and refreshing.

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