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The Benefits of Bottled Water

The Benefits of Bottled Water

When it comes to choosing a zero-calorie, zero-carb, age-fighting drink, very few manmade beverages can come close to water. Most fitness enthusiasts are aware of the healthful benefits of H2O, too, but even if you don't spend hours sweating in the gym, remaining hydrated should be a top dietary consideration. Among the health benefits of hydration researchers and medical experts state include the following:

  • Aids weight loss. Aside from the fact that water contains no calories, carbohydrates or fat, drinking water makes your stomach fuller, curbing your appetite. Conversely, dehydration can manifest itself in pains similar to hunger pangs.
  • Removes toxins. Your kidneys act as your body's filtration system. As water flows through them, they carry away solids through the excretory system.
  • Improves skin complexion. Like most organs in your body, skin consists mostly of water. If your skin cells aren't hydrated, they shrink, and your skin will appear physically dry.
  • Boosts the immune system. It's considered common wisdom that water boosts your immune system, but this is difficult benefit to measure. What is known, though, is being hydrated promotes lymph production, which is key to transporting white blood cells throughout your body. Coupled with the removal of toxins, it stands to reason that water facilitates your body's fight against disease.
  • Prevents muscle cramps. Most athletes recognize the importance of water and other electrolytes to prevent muscle cramping.
  • Prevents migraines. While there are a number of factors that lead to migraines, dehydration is one of them. Drinking adequate amounts of water takes one of the contributing causes off of the table.
  • Aids in digestive process. Like the saliva in your mouth (which is also primarily composed of water), water helps soften and break down food as you chew, swallow and digest it.
  • Promotes joint health. Your joints have a shock-absorbing material called glycosaminoglycans (GAG), which produce a gel-like substance that prevents your bones from grinding against one another. Water is an essential material in GAG production.
  • Reduces the effects of hangovers. Like migraines, many factors affect whether or not you get a hangover as well as the severity of it, with the first being how much alcohol you consume. Drinking water before, during and after imbibing will help mitigate the dehydration that contributes to a hangover.

However, maybe one of the biggest reasons for drinking water is that it's affordable. According to the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), the average cost for a gallon of bottled water in 2014 was $1.20. And if you buy bottled water in bulk, you can even bring down the price on what are otherwise expensive brands in grocery stores or at restaurants.

Water Requirements for Hydration

How Much Water Should You Be Drinking?

If you read any credible source on recommended daily water intake, the author will always mention that there's no "one size fits all" approach to meeting your hydration requirements. The popular eight glass per day rule doesn't take into account variables that can require more water consumption, like:

  • Your body mass. Larger people generally require more water.
  • Your gender. With all other things being equal, men require more water than women.
  • Whether or not you're pregnant. Babies need water, too.
  • Your consumption of diuretics (coffee, soda, alcoholic beverages, etc.). Match your cups of coffee with an equal amount of water, in addition to your prescribed daily intake.
  • Whether or not you exercise and how vigorous your workouts are. Drink more water on gym days, and a lot more on heavy cardio days. Bring a bottle of water or two along on runs and bike rides.
  • The climate where you live. Hotter, drier comments require more water consumption due to moisture evaporation through the skin.
  • The type of work you do. If you sweat at your job, you need to drink more water. Even if you don't, however, work days are long, so drink a couple of bottles of water to maintain appropriate hydration.

These are just a few of the factors that can make an eight-glass (half-gallon) regimen inadequate for some people. Some medical experts think that what they refer to as "the 8 x 8 Rule" is insufficient even as a baseline. The Harvard Institute of Medicine recommends "125 ounces (about 15 cups) for men and 91 ounces for women (about 11 cups)." You should consider the above factors and adjust your water consumption accordingly.

Although less common, overhydration due to too much water intake can be dangerous or deadly. You'll want to discuss daily water intake with your doctor if you think may be consuming too much water for your well-being.

Are There Additional Benefits to Drinking Mineral Water?

Some people drink mineral water because it has a different taste than regular water, so it provides a nice change without having to resort to sodas, teas or other less-healthy beverages. Others want the additional nutritional benefits it offers. If you aren't a regular mineral water drinker, it's something you should strongly consider incorporating into your hydration and health regimen.

As soil has become over-farmed, the fruits and vegetables grown in it are absorbing fewer minerals from the earth. That means even raw produce are likely providing fewer vitamins and minerals than in the past.

One of the nutrients you can usually obtain from food is sulfate, which is a molecule composed of sulfur and oxygen. Sulfur is a critical element in the amino acids that are used to build protein. In other words, sulfates can be processed by your body to be used in the repair and replacement of tissues and cells. So, mineral water gives your body the raw materials it needs to build proteins.

Some restaurants - particularly fine dining establishments - have bottled mineral water available, but most inexpensive eateries bulk buy bottled water from their beverage distributors and often opt for just one brand of non-mineral water. One way that you can ensure a steady supply of healthy bottled mineral water is by stocking it at home or at work. Most bulk wholesalers have at least one variety of mineral water for sale, or you can save time and the back-breaking work of lifting heavy cases and order mineral water online for bulk buy savings.

Why Choose Bottled Water Over Tap

Why Choose Bottled Water Over Tap?

If you're drinking enough water, buying bottled water can get expensive - especially if you buy a bottle or two at a time at the gas station or convenience store. And although tap water is generally cheaper than bottled water, this is truly a case of "you get what you pay for." There are numerous benefits to selecting a brand of bottled water you like and taking advantage of bulk rates by buying bottled water online. Here are some of those reasons:

  • Safety. In the United States, tap water is supposed to be safe for bathing, cooking and even for direct consumption, but while the Environmental Protection Agency sets minimum standards, additional water treatment varies from state to state. Some water utilities add chlorine and other chemicals to treat their water for bacteria and other pathogens, which can affect the taste. On the other hand, all bottled water brands sold in the United States must meet Food & Drug Administration (FDA) standards, and the bottling facilities are subject to inspection. We recommend that if you are drinking tap water, you utilize a filter for additional protection.
  • Quality. As a beverage distribution company that sells bottled water online, we'll be the first to acknowledge that not all bottled waters taste the same. The quality of bottled water is dependent on a number of variables, including the location of the source, the type of source, whether it is distilled or filtered and how it's bottled. But taste and quality are subjective when it comes to bottled water. One of the benefits you receive when you order bottled water online is brand consistency. How many times have you wanted to pick up an ice cold bottle of water near the checkout line only to be disappointed it wasn't a brand you liked? When you buy bottled water online, your refrigerator is stocked with the water you prefer, and with a little pre-planning, you never have to be at the mercy of checkout line water again.
  • Price. Nothing is going to be cheaper than the water that comes from your tap, but while it's relatively safe, it doesn't always taste very good. There are, however, a few ways you can lower the costs of bottled water that you might even find more convenient. You can buy cases of water at nearly any grocery store or wholesale store. If you choose to go this route, though, pay attention to the pricing. Some companies will charge you for a greater number of bottles even though they contain less water than with another packaging option. That breakdown may be what you actually prefer - some people want small bottles and will pay a little more - but be aware of so-called "bargains." Another option is to buy bottled water in bulk from an online company like Beverage Universe that will deliver it to your house. You can review the prices and quantities on their websites.
  • Convenience. One of the biggest benefits to water bottles is the packaging. Bottles are entirely self-contained, so they can be dropped in a gym bag or a purse. The tapered end and bottle cap makes them much less likely to spill than a cup, and they can easily sit in your car's drink holder. When you order bottled water online, you also have the added convenience of not having to lug heavy cases of water across the grocery parking lot and into your home. This might be especially attractive if you have a condition that makes lifting heavy objects more difficult.
  • Constant potability. If you store it properly, bottled water is always ready to drink. When a water main breaks or a natural disaster strikes, government agencies will issue a boiled water order to protect residents from drinking contaminated water. In the case of a natural disaster, you may not have electricity or gas to boil the water with, but you can drink your bottled water - and since they're in individual containers, they're easy to share with your thirsty neighbors.
  • Recyclability. Plastic water bottles are 100% recyclable, and over the past 14 years, the average weight of a half-liter plastic bottle has declined by 48%. The recycled plastic from water bottles requires two-thirds less energy than it takes to produce new plastic of the same quality and grade. While only 37% of water bottles are recycled, that number has grown as curbside recycling programs have become more common. The bottom line is, if you choose to recycle, your discarded bottles will be used.
Industry Terms for Bottled Water

Know Your Bottled Water

As advertisers have tried to get consumers to buy their client's bottled water, a lot of industry terms have either been appropriated or invented to describe the properties of certain waters. Knowing what these terms mean can help you pick a water that's both healthy and tastes great. Here are some common bottled waters terms and buzzwords:

  • Artesian water. This refers to water that's contained in the ground in an aquifer.
  • Distilled water. The distillation process involves boiling water and collecting the steam, which condenses in a receptacle. The process kills bacteria and removes pollutants, but it also removes some of the natural minerals that water carries and can flatten the taste.
  • Mineral water . Mineral water contains sulfates and other minerals that have healthful benefits. To be classified as mineral water, there must be 250 parts per million of solids.
  • Parts per million (ppm). In water, this is the number of individual solids per million parts of water. PPM is a measure of water purity, but not necessarily an indication of quality or taste. For instance, bottled mineral water has a relatively high ppm at 250, while purified water solids must be below 10 ppm.
  • P.W.S. This means "public water source," which is tap water.
  • Purified water. This is a general term to describe any of several processes for treating water. Purified water can be distilled, deionized or cleansed via reverse osmosis. Purified water must have fewer than 10 parts per million.
  • Sparkling water. This is water that naturally contains carbon dioxide, which makes it bubble. This isn't to be confused with soda water or seltzer, which have carbon dioxide added to them. Sparkling water has carbon dioxide when it's drawn from its source, but carbonation can be added if its lost during the treatment process.
  • Spring water. Spring water originates in an underground source and flows to the surface without assistance. Spring water can be bored from the underground source.
  • Well water. This is water drawn up from the ground via a hole. Well water can originate from a river, lake or swamp, but it lies below the ground. "Ground water" is another term for well water.
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