The Ultimate Guide to New York City’s Mouthwatering Bagels

Ask any New Yorker where the best New York bagels are, and chances are you’ll hear 8 million different responses. Here’s our take on the best bagels in New York City.

New York City Bagels


Eat late and plan to skip lunch, because a bagel from Ess-a-Bagel is a meal and a half — at least. Go in the morning and get the everything, not toasted. Get a schmear of salmon cream cheese and a Kenya AA coffee, black. You’re welcome.


Zabar’s bagels are delicious, and while you’re at Zabar’s try everything else. Plan for an hour of smelling ridiculously good food, and wander around and gape at all the kitchen gadgets you’ll never, ever need. Can’t stand the temptation? Order for home delivery.


The original and best, the H&H of the west side is no longer around — unless you’re talking about the new H&H in midtown. Featuring a comparatively diminutive size and an appealingly large center, these soft and crusty treats are delicious plain and toasted. You can order from us for delivery, too!

Barney Greengrass

Nothing beats a New York City deli, and Barney Greengrass is a classic Upper West Side institution. Go a little crazy and have an egg sandwich on a bagel for breakfast, or opt for roast beef and raw onion at lunch. The “everything” is the New York City bagel, but onion and sesame are popular choices, too.

Bagel Pub

Can’t make it into Manhattan for a bagel? Prefer your carbs with an outer borough flavor? Head to the Bagel Pub, Time Out New York’s pick for second-best bagel in the city. Big and sweet and chewy, this Park Slope destination is a surefire winner.

It’s New York, You Really Can’t Go Wrong

Ultimately, the worst New York bagel is better than other cities’ bagels every day of the week. The bottom line? Avoid toasting fresh bagels, and always add lemon juice, chopped tomato and onion, and capers to a lox bagel. Good morning, New York!