June , 2021

June , 2021

Iced Tea - The Refreshing Drink You Need This Summer

There is one drink synonymous with summertime: Iced Tea. There is nothing quite like sitting outside in the warm weather with a cool glass of the refreshing beverage to signify that summer is in full swing. What better way to celebrate National Iced Tea Day on June 10th then to explore the vast varieties of this flavorful drink. Not only is it delicious, but there are also a multitude of health benefits! Most teas boast antioxidants which help improve digestion. Tea is also known to help lower blood sugar, improve memory, and aid in weight loss. It’s also a flavorful way to stay hydrated during the heat of the summer days. Check out our list of some of our favorite brews and don’t be afraid to take it to the next level with some tips and tricks!

Tired of Water? Here's How to Switch it Up

We all know that water is the best beverage for you. Your body needs water to hydrate and thrive throughout the day, especially if you’re a gym-goer. However, because there isn’t a taste, water can get pretty boring, pretty fast. So, what can you do to continue your water intake but also change it up?

Mineral vs Sparkling Water: What’s the Difference?

Did you know that water covers 71% of our planet, though only 3% of it is actually fresh? Now consider that 2.5% of the freshwater on Earth is unavailable, being part of the atmosphere, the soil, world glaciers and polar ice caps. The fresh water you see in rivers, lakes and swamps accounts for about 0.3% of the freshwater on Earth.

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