15 Fun Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Easter basket ideas for kids

Are you tired of filling Easter baskets with the same old, same old every year? If the usual plastic grass, fake eggs and jellybeans no longer have that “wow” effect on you and your kids, it’s time to get creative and try something new.

If you’re interested in switching things up, you may be wondering how to make a great Easter basket, and what to put in kids’ Easter baskets. Don’t worry, though, because we have you covered. Some unique Easter basket ideas are provided below:

  • Nutty Basket: Every parent wants his or her children to grow up healthy. You can really drive this point home by putting together a basket of nuts for one of your children, with the idea being you want your child to grow up to be a health nut.
  • Book Basket: Does your child like to read? Why not put some books you know your little one will enjoy in a basket for Easter morning? You can include a handmade bookmark and a reading light to liven the basket up even more.
  • Arts & Crafts Basket: If your children like arts and crafts, you can fill their Easter baskets with the supplies they’ll need to make something really neat. You can include scissors, colored paper, chalk, markers, notebooks and more. The list of Easter basket fillers is nearly endless for this kind of basket.
  • Beauty Basket: Can you think of any girl, young or old, who wouldn’t love to wake up to a basket filled with beauty items? You can include nail polish, lip gloss, a new hairbrush, colorful hair ties and age-appropriate makeup in a beauty basket your child will love.
  • Bath Basket: If your little one likes spending time in the tub, consider putting together a basket filled with bath products. Your basket can include different bubble baths, scented soaps, a luffa and even a rubber duck.
  • Garden Basket: Why not put together a basket that will inspire your kids to take an interest in gardening? You can arrange some seed packets, a paintable planter and some kid-friendly gardening tools to make your garden basket especially festive.
  • Sports Basket: If your kids like sports, you can create baskets based on their favorite activities. There are a lot of fun things to put in an Easter basket that are sports-related, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box with this kind of basket.
  • Team Basket: Do your children have a favorite sports team? Pick up some team merchandise and use it to create an attention-grabbing basket.
  • Movie Basket: If your kids are fans of a movie franchise such as “Star Wars,” “Star Trek,” or “Harry Potter,” you can get them a set of the movies they love and put them in their baskets. Throw in a few bags of microwavable popcorn and a couple boxes of candy and it’ll be just like a night at the theater on Easter evening.
  • Cooking Basket: If you have a young chef in your house, you may want to put together a basket that reflects your child’s interest in cooking. An apron, hand towels and even a chef’s hat are just a few of the ingredients you can use to spice up this type of basket.
  • Science Basket: You can get a microscope, a few petri dishes and a lab coat to jazz up an Easter basket for your little scientist.
  • Doll Basket: If your children like to play with dolls, such as Barbie, you may want to create a Barbie-themed basket that includes a new doll and all of the accessories Barbie will need to have a fabulous Easter.
  • Career Basket: Making a career basket is one of our favorite non-candy Easter basket ideas, because it demonstrates your support for your kids’ ambitions. If your kids already know what they want to be when they grow up, you can make a basket for each of your children based on the careers they’re hoping to pursue.
  • Dinosaur Basket: For the pint-sized paleontologist in your home, you can put together a basket that’s all about dinosaurs. You can even include some miniature excavation tools your little one can use to try to find dinosaur bones in the backyard.
  • Beverage Basket: You can create baskets that feature your kids’ favorite beverages, which can be as thirst-quenching as they are visually appealing. For all of the drinks you’ll need to make the perfect Easter baskets, contact Beverage Universe today.