Why Is It Important to Replenish Electrolytes?

Why Is It Important to Replenish Electrolytes

Our bodies are composed of many elements, all of which help us stay in balance when they’re in the proper amounts. This includes electrolytes.

If you don’t remember from your science class from high school, electrolytes are basically forms of salt. However, they don’t come in a shaker at your favorite restaurant. The electrolytes in your body are generally more complex and include chloride, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphate and, of course, sodium.

If you don’t have the proper blend of electrolytes, which allow electricity to flow inside us, you need to replenish them. Otherwise, you can find yourself in an uncomfortable, and possibly dangerous, situation.

What Happens if You Don’t Know the Best Way to Replenish Electrolytes?

You can lose electrolytes when you sweat, which typically happens when you play sports or when it’s a particularly hot day. But how do you know when it’s time to replenish your electrolytes? When your levels of electrolytes begin to plummet, you can expect to see several warning signs. These can include:

  • Muscle cramping. Athletes will often complain of serious muscle aches and pains, or the inability to recover quickly after a workout or game. Often, the core issue can be traced to electrolyte levels.
  • Headaches. Have you ever had a headache that goes away soon after you’ve drunk a product like AQUAhydrate, which restores your body’s electrolytes? That’s an indication that your headache wasn’t in your head at all, but instead was a response to your whole system being off.
  • Heart palpitations and irregularities. One of the scariest symptoms of being low on electrolytes is feeling like your heart is racing or somehow not beating correctly. Obviously, you’ll need to get to an emergency room quickly in this case to rule out anything else. However, don’t be surprised if they check your electrolytes and level of hydration.
  • Confusion. When you’ve been living with poor electrolyte balance for a while, you may lose your mental sharpness.
  • Tiredness. Does it seem like you’re exhausted all the time? Perhaps it’s a sign for you to learn how to get your electrolytes up! While everyone experiences fatigue at different moments, you shouldn’t have to live with it all the time if it’s caused by a lack of electrolytes.

Certainly, the signals of low electrolyte levels in the body vary from person to person. Over time, you’ll begin to get accustomed to yours. Then, you can more quickly take the proper steps to reinvigorate your health with a little electrolyte replenishment.

How Can I Replenish My Electrolytes?

You can lose a lot of liquid through perspiration, vomiting, diarrhea, urination, dehydration or just day-to-day living. So what replenishes electrolytes? The fastest method to return electrolytes to your system is in liquid form. Body Armor, G2,Powerade and other drink manufacturers offer precisely formulated sports and activity beverages focused on returning electrolytes through convenient, tasty absorption.

After taking in several ounces of your favorite electrolyte-boosted drink, you can re-evaluate what you’re eating. Good food sources of electrolytes include vegetables, bananas, raisins, canned tuna, yogurt, tofu and even a few types of grains and cereals. In other words, consume all the good stuff you know you should be putting into your body for the best results!

Don’t allow yourself to get low on electrolytes. Keep your pantry and refrigerator stocked up with electrolyte-packed items. You’ll be glad you did when you find yourself zooming through your days and evenings without losing a beat.

Cleansing Drink Recipes


Love the idea of doing a juice cleanse to restore your body’s natural rhythm and balance?

You never have to give up great taste just because you’re drinking your calories. In fact, these cleansing drink recipes will leave you feeling satisfied and pleasantly surprised by their flavor.

Tangy Apple and Lemon Cleanse

Mix four apples, two peeled lemons, two cucumbers, a few small chunks of fresh ginger and a cup of your favorite clean water brand in your juicer. You can also use a blender if needed. Want more tang? Incorporate cinnamon in for a taste of apple pie!

Sweet Green Cleanse

Still looking for the right green cleanse for you? Try blending or juicing one kale leaf, a cup of spinach, a Granny Smith apple, a peeled lemon and a peeled orange. If you still feel like the taste is a bit too green for your palate, add a little pure apple juice with nothing else added.

Tropical Delight Cleanse

Whisk yourself away to the land of palm trees by tossing a cucumber, cut-up pineapple, a handful of green grapes, peeled lemon, quartered apple, one cup of coconut water, and a bit of fresh mint into your juicer. You’ll appreciate how refreshing it is. You can even put it into an ice pop mold for those warm evenings when you want a treat that doesn’t leave you feeling bloated or guilty!

Be sure to try these and other cleansing drink recipes. Remember that plenty of our beverages can be used as part of cleanses, and we have a variety of healthy beverages to choose from. Live in Manhattan? Delivery is always free!

Four Ways to Drink More Water

Even if you enjoy feeling refreshed after drinking a glass of water, it can still be difficult to get your fill of H2O every day. Although daily fluid intake requirements vary by individual, the general rule of thumb is to drink at least eight, eight-ounce glasses of water every day.

Tips to Help You Drink More Water Every Day

While you may already be diligent about drinking enough water, you can make it easier to hit your daily minimum intake by employing some of our helpful tips, such as:

  • Adding Some Flavor: To avoid getting bored with drinking water, add some flavor to your drink. Cucumbers, ginger, celery, grapefruit, berries, lemon and lime are all great choices to add a pleasant taste to still or sparkling water.
  • Linking Water With a Common Activity: You can drink more water every day by connecting your drinking with something you do regularly throughout the day. Make it a point to drink some water when you visit the break room, for example.
  • Tracking Your Intake: Everyone likes to feel like they accomplished something. Enjoy the feeling of achievement more often by using a free app to track the amount of water you drink every day. Apps like Daily Water Free or Carbodroid also let you set reminders or alarms when it’s time to drink some water, so it always stays top of mind.
  • Ordering From Beverage Universe: It’s always easier to drink enough water when you have your preferred brand on-hand. At Beverage Universe, we make it even simpler by delivering bottled water directly to your home or office. Place a repeat order for your favorite water with Beverage Universe today!

How To Drink More Water

5 Must-Try Seltzer Water Recipes

Seltzer Water Recipes

Are you trying to cut back on your soda intake or attempting to drink more water every day? If you want to do either one or both of those things, you’re probably looking for fizzy substitutes for soda and tasty alternatives to plain old water. Luckily, seltzer is a great replacement for soda and, when you infuse some creativity in your drink, can be a flavorful alternative to plain water.

Even if you already love seltzer water on its own, the drink is like a blank slate for creating signature drinks you can enjoy anytime of day or night. If you want to jazz up your seltzer water, check out our five must-try sparkling seltzer water recipes below.

1. Chia Fresca

Popular in Mexico and Central America for years, Chia Fresca is as healthy as it is yummy. To make this simple drink, add some chia seeds, a bit of lemon or lime and a dash of honey to your seltzer. If you’re using lemon or lime-flavored seltzer to start, you won’t need to add a squeeze of lemon or lime to your drink.

As you’ll quickly see, the chia seeds will absorb some seltzer water, making them gelatinous and your drink thicker. This will cause your beverage more substantial and filling. In addition to adding some mouth-pleasing texture to your drink, the chia seeds will provide some health-enhancing omega-3s, protein and fiber to your beverage.

2. Mocktail With Seltzer Water

If you’re wondering what to mix with seltzer water when you’re throwing an adult party and don’t feel like consuming alcohol, you’ll love this simple mocktail recipe. Grab your favorite seltzer water and just add some bitters to your drink.

While this mocktail is easy to make, it has a complex flavor profile you’ll want to enjoy repeatedly. When added to your seltzer water, bitters will release the taste of botanical extracts, making your beverage both bitter and sweet at the same time.

3. Not Exactly Your Usual Sangria

This is one of our favorite flavored seltzer water recipes for people who want to enjoy an alcoholic drink while cutting calories. To make a sangria-like drink without all the calories a typical sangria has, mix some lime-flavored seltzer with your favorite sauvignon blanc. Then add some fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries or blueberries — or all three – for an even fruitier enhancement.

4. Popping Soda-Like Pop

This is one of the best fruit-infused sparkling water recipes you’ll find if you have some frozen fruit in your freezer. While some people may scoff at the notion of using frozen fruit in their drinks, frozen fruit is versatile and affordable enough to use in any seltzer beverage you want to make.

To make a soda-like pop that literally pops with flavor, add some frozen raspberries and peaches to your sparkling water. Cover your pitcher and put it in the refrigerator for two to three hours before serving to let the fruit thoroughly infuse the drink with flavor.

5. The Stress-Ender

If you’re looking for sparkling water drink recipes that will help you unwind after a stressful day at the office, you’ve come to the right place. While loosely based on a mojito recipe, this recipe combines healthy ingredients in an ideal blend of yumminess. Just remember to make this drink several hours ahead of time, as it will have to chill in your refrigerator before you drink it for all the flavors to come together.

To make this beverage, pour your favorite lime seltzer into a pitcher. Add some fresh mint leaves, being sure you squeeze them before you drop them into your pitcher. Add pre-sliced rings of lime and orange to your pitcher, making sure they’re completely submerged. Finally, sit back and prepare for the stress of the day to vanish once this soothing beverage crosses your lips.

Get Your Seltzer From Beverage Universe

At Beverage Universe, we sell a wide array of seltzer waters that are quite tasty without having to add anything to your beverage. From lemon-lime to mandarin orange, pomegranate-cherry to raspberry, black cherry and many more, you’ll find just about any flavor you can think of in our generous lineup of seltzer waters.

Browse our selection of seltzer waters and order your favorites today! Free shipping for our NYC visitors!

Caffeine Addiction – How Much Is Too Much?


Coffee is evercoffee beans and coffee potywhere. From coffee shops to your home machine, it’s likely a part of your life — especially when you need a little extra help getting going in the morning. But what about the caffeine? Can it be contributing to you not feeling as well as you could?

No matter how much you love coffee, an excess consumption of the caffeinated beverage might have left you regretting your alliances.

Symptoms of Too Much Caffeine

How much is too much? If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms, it might be an indicator to give your relationship with coffee a break:

1. The Jitters and Anxiousness. Too much caffeine can leave you feeling restless and shaky — otherwise known as “the jitters.” If you find your hand trembling, put down the coffee — carefully! Cut back on extra sugary snacks for the remainder of the day, too, until you return to normal.

2. Headaches. You might be able to deal with the jitters, but a headache — well, it hurts. While caffeine can help to relieve a headache, it sometimes can also be the cause. If you find yourself suffering from head pain, try taking an ibuprofen with a full glass of water — and maybe reduce your coffee intake.

3. Insomnia. If coffee is triggering you to stay awake at night, you might be suffering from coffee-induced insomnia. If you like top your night off with a warm beverage, try brewing some chamomile tea instead.

Antioxidant Drinks: What’s the Hype?

antioxidant drink

These days, every new drink that hits the shelves claims to be great for your body in new and amazing ways. From organic all-natural ingredients to labels professing fresh-from-the-farm fruit juices, companies are continuously churning out new lines of drinks to meet consumers’ increasing demands for healthier products.

Craving a juicy flavorsome drink with extra health benefits, many consumers attempt to pick the best overall package without really knowing what’s inside. Sure, antioxidants are healthy. But what exactly are they?

Antioxidants: A Breakdown

Antioxidants are compounds found naturally in many of the foods and plants typical in beverage production. They may not be visible to the naked eye, but their strength and abilities are inarguably far-reaching.

In a nutshell, the biggest perk of antioxidant consumption is the reduction of cell damage. By preventing the oxidation and the damage caused by other cells in the body, antioxidants work fiercely to keep the inner workings of your body in perfect shape.

Why More Are Turning to Antioxidant Drinks

Living in a fast-paced and at times restless society, you want to make sure your body is receiving all of its proper nutrients to help ward off any potential illnesses that can slow it down. While on the go, it is easy to pick up a tasty drink to help you power through the day. Sugary drinks and caffeinated beverages such as coffee and sodas have the potential to drain your energy, however, causing tiredness when you need to remain alert.

With the population’s increasing desire to be healthy, more beverage companies have tapped into these recent health trends. Beverages with antioxidants mean a higher level of nutrition for the consumer. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their favorite flavors without extra added health benefits?

The appeal of antioxidants doesn’t stop short at protecting your body’s cells, either. These feisty little compounds work around the clock to assist in maintaining your outward appearance, too. Antioxidants can help prevent a number of age-related diseases and maintain your youthful glow. If you’re not convinced yet, you have nothing to lose — antioxidant drinks on the market today are flavorful and delicious without any impact on taste.

A Taste of Healthiness

If you’re tempted to jump aboard and try out a healthy antioxidant juice with added benefits but are not quite sure where to start, don’t worry. Check out our list of some of our favorite antioxidant-packed drinks below — we have many more options to explore on our website if you’re craving a specific flavor:

Aloe Gloe White Grape: A healthy drink that works to support your cardiovascular health while giving you a boost of vitamins, too.

Bai 5 Brasilia Blueberry: Sweet, low on calories and glucose, and full of healthy antioxidants. With the sweet exotic taste of blueberry flavors, this drink makes for a powerful antioxidant drink you’re sure to love.

Oi Ocha Dark Green Tea: Antioxidants don’t just appear in juices and fruity drinks. If you’re a self-proclaimed tea lover, you’ll enjoy the powerful nutrients already in green tea, with the added nourishment of antioxidants as well.

Ways To Improve Your Screwdriver Drink

screwdriver drink

A two-ingredient cocktail — what can be simpler or more pleasing than that? Made with some fresh orange juice and vodka, the Screwdriver is a crowd-pleaser despite its simplicity. A drink doesn’t need to be complex to hit the right spot, after all.

Tips for Making the Best Screwdriver

While the process of making the Screwdriver is easy and straightforward, here are three quick tips to keep in mind when preparing this savory cocktail:

1. Skip the OJ and Go Straight for the Orange. The fresher, the better! Using juice squeezed straight from the orange ensures your drink has the cleanest taste possible.

2. Don’t Be Shy About Ice. The Screwdriver is a drink that’s best served cold — icy cold, preferably. If you’re going for fresh juice straight from the orange, the extra addition of ice prevents any form of staleness from occurring.

3. Experiment With Brands. Don’t let a bad vodka spoil your drink. Find what works best for you, and make sure to leave it at the front of your shelf whenever you need a nice Screwdriver to complete your day.

The Natural Benefits of Tea Over Coffee

cup of tea on table

The Natural Benefits of Tea Over Coffee

It’s 6:40 a.m., and you muster the strength to reach your arm out of bed and hit the snooze button on your phone one last time. You trudge down the steps, yawn for the fifteenth time and meander your way to your coffee machine to kick-start your morning. There’s no better way to begin your day than with the soothing flavor and “pick-me-up” effect of a nice, warm cup of coffee, right? Well, maybe not.

Coffee vs. Tea

For many, the debate between coffee and tea boils down to mere preference. If you step foot on a college campus, you’ll likely see steam wafting from the coffee cups in professors’ and students’ hands. During the warm winter months, you’ll also find packages of tea flying off the shelves. Whether it comes down to flavor, the desire for caffeine or something else, everyone seems to have an opinion about their beverage of choice.

Ultimately, however, coffee beans tend to pack less natural benefits than their tea leaf counterparts. If you’re not convinced, a quick overview of the physical and mental perks of tea consumption should do the trick.

Peace of Mind

If you prefer your drinks entirely caffeine-free, a gulp of lemon tea is enough to satisfy both your thirst and mind. Teas infused with lemon and herbs use their natural components to produce a calming effect strong enough for a peaceful state of mind.

A Little Extra Oomph

If you haven’t partaken in a “coffee-splurge” or overindulgence, consider yourself lucky. Jitters are a common side effect of excessive caffeine consumption and can have negative health effects on the individual. While coffee is known for its ability to quickly jolt us awake on dreadful mornings, it can also prevent us from relaxing when necessary.

Try a more natural alternative by sipping some Organic Black Tea instead. Black tea, among other varieties of tea, still possesses some caffeine after undergoing the fermenting process. You’ll get to experience the same desired energy without the eventual crash.

Lose Pounds, Not Energy

Research has demonstrated the metabolic benefits of drinking green tea. As a virtually fat-free drink, green tea such as Oi Ocha quenches your thirst without tricking you into consuming added calories. Better yet, tea keeps you going longer by providing you with the energy to power through your day. Less weight and more energy? What’s not to love!

Ultimately, is there a fundamental difference between coffee drinkers vs. tea drinkers? Both drinks boast their own unique set of health benefits and perks, and the coffee lover or tea fan will likely choose their drink accordingly. If you’re looking for some added natural perks to your morning brew, though, we suggest you skip the coffee and head for the tea instead.

How Is The Best Moscow Mule Made?

moscow mule drink

Moscow Mule? At first glance, you might think you’re going to read about a horse native to Russia. That wouldn’t exactly be easy to make, however. In the drinking world, a Moscow Mule is a tasty traditional American mixture of vodka and ginger beer. Confusing? Perhaps. Delicious? Of course. Don’t take our world for it, though. Try a glass for yourself by following our simple recipe below.

How to Make It

Start your recipe off with a few basic ingredients:

  • 2 oz. vodka
  • ½ oz. lime juice
  • 6 oz. ginger beer
  • Ice cubes for chilling

Start off with a Moscow Mule mug and drizzle some freshly squeezed lime juice into the center. Add your preferred amount of ice and finish your drink off with the vodka and ginger beer. That’s as simple as it gets — despite the complexity of the name.

The Best Soda Brands of 2017

soda glass

Ah, soda. The sound of a popped soda can tab floods us with nostalgic childhood memories of warm and relaxing summer days. Soda has become a staple part of the everyday American diet, lined up in cans and bottles eagerly within hand’s reach in fridges far and near.

These carbonated drinks aren’t just a thing of the past, either — the demand for soda has skyrocketed in modern times. While some brands have fizzled out, others have thrived, making their ways into the hearts of generations of soda fanatics.

5 Fan-Favorite Sodas Every Soda Lover Needs to Try

Whether you’re a sucker for a taste of nostalgia or prefer your drinks with a hint of variety, we proudly offer a unique and wide-ranging variety of drinks to meet our customers’ needs. Not sure where to start? Take a look at some of the best-selling soft drinks and preferred flavors of 2017 before you decide:

  1. Diet Pepsi: We all want to fulfill our cravings without having to worry about the repercussions. Diet Pepsi offers a guilt-free way to indulge your sweet tooth in the flavor it desires without having to worry about the added calories. The drink remains one of the top carbonated drinks of 2017, likely retaining its favoritism for many years to come.
  2. Fanta: If you’re craving a more fruity and tropical flavor, Fanta may be the drink for you. With dozens of fruity flavors offered — and craved — across the globe, we’d say Fanta has earned its spot as one of the top soft drinks of 2017. From the sweet citrusy flavor of Fanta Orange to the tropical tang of Fanta Pineapple, Fanta’s fruit-packed drinks will leave you feeling the cool tastes of summer no matter what time of year it is. Take a look at our variety of Fanta drinks to decide which flavor best suits you.
  3. Sprite: A sparkling mixture of lemon and lime, Sprite offers its customers a sweet and fizzy mixture of bubbly delight. Pop open one of our Sprite Zero bottles to enjoy the citrusy flavor that has designated Sprite as one of the most popular soda brands of 2017.
  4. Mountain Dew: Many agree — there’s nothing more refreshing than a sip of an ice-cold Mountain Dew straight from the fridge. It offers a unique and one-of-a-kind taste that’s kept customers grabbing for another bottle since the drink’s establishment in 1940. Nearly 80 years later, Mountain Dew still remains a highly favored treat.
  5. Coca-Cola: We like to save the best for last. Nothing is more satisfying than the sweet and savory taste of the past. It may be 2017, but Coca-Cola Classic offers the same delicious flavor that has satisfied generations of families for decades. Whether you’re hosting a family reunion or looking for the perfect kickstart to your day, a sip of Coca-Cola is guaranteed to satisfy.